Sunday, January 27, 2013

Maureen  is having a give away!  a lovely stack of 12 Organic Fat Quarters MicroMod by Rob Bancroft for Cloud9 Fabrics winner to be selected Monday the 28th! So hurry over there and dilute my chances with your chances!  This will make my 4th entry but when you add all of your entries to it that will of course, dilute my original 3 entries via this 4th entry.

if you followed that you are GOOD!

anyway, if nothing else, go check out the giveaway and check out Stash Fabrics the sponsor of the giveaway.  I finally succumbed to my desire for the Pearl Bracelet FQ bundle last night and her confirmation email for my order had a mention of the giveaway at Maureen's blog.  I figure its in the stars for me to win this giveaway due to how I came to know about it!

Have a grand day all,

denise/deBrat who is oh so happy to be able to post on my own blog again!

pictures hmmmm the stack of ORGANIC fabrics you could win... well me but you if you go and dilute me.  teehee
MicroMod from Cloud 9 -- for Friday's Fabric Giveaway with Stash Fabrics!!

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  1. Well glad to see you back and also your beautiful fish!