Monday, October 9, 2006

Happy Monday Morning!

Isn't it just the most wonderful day out there? Today, in the TampaBay area of Florida we are experiencing our coolest day yet of thisseason and it is just mahvelous dahlings!

I rode to work with the top down on the Miata and for the first timethe heat on my feet. In FL it is either top down with A/C on or topdown and heater on. Rare is the day you do not need to accompany your top down driving with one of the two.

But before the weather put me in a great mood, I managed to take mysoap I made yesterday out of my round tube mold from UPland.ooooooh it is so pepperminty and it lathers wonderfully and then Ieven used my bath poof on it and I was literally covered in whitelather and bubbles with no skin showing. I just love mysoapmaking!

This was the first time I made round soap and what fun it is! Ithink I will have to get yet another tube and liner from UPland andI think another set of the mini molds too! I'm just a mold hog andfragrance 'ho these days.

I also spent quite some time yesterday on the phone with my sisterin upstate NY where they had been putting the something or others onthe roof to prevent ice dams. I gather it is a heating wire appliedto the roof so when heated she says it allows the melted snow todrip down and not get held up creating an ice dam. All I know is itis much nicer to live in FL at this time of year. She said lastyear they were putting them up on their roof on Thanksgiving Dayduring a snowstorm while the turkey was cooking away in the oven.Well at least this year it was not during a snowstorm, eh?

Back to soap and sundries..... so I made the round peppermint soapthat smells wonderful, lathers greatly but is almost peach incolor? I used Rocket Red jojoba beads to add a bit of red color tothe soap. Ummmm they morphed and none of it is white and most of itlooks peach. I can't wait to see what color the Peachy Keen Pinkones morph too LOL Or the Brilliant Blue ones.

I also made the MSM cream from another list's (SS maybe) class whichwas Saturday. I had an issue or two with that but it appears dojust what the claims were, aid in pain. I took the jar with 6 1/2oz in it to work today. I can get really really painful and thenslather it all on for relief LOL. It too is scented in peppermint.

My son came home from college this weekend and it was sooooo good tosee him. My how he has matured in the short time he has been on hisown. The poor kid is fully aware of just how much college iscosting him each semester. A whopping big amount too! He was allconcerned about what to get his dad for his b'day, which isWednesday. Asking me to get something from him. I have no cluewhat my dh wants and we no longer exchange b'day gifts it appears.I told him call him on that day and you will make his b'day the bestever! Send him an e-card and if you have time make him a card andmail it to him. Any or all of those things will make it a wonderful day!

If any of you have access to the Armyaviation 2006 Blue BookDirectory for Aug/Sept 2006 my son's picture is on page 121 for theTennessee Valley Chapter Matching Scholarship. YOu might be able tosee it online too. Let me see if I can find it. This is the Quad A(AAAA) Scholarship Foundation. There were 3 awarded for 4 years of$2,750 each year; 2 awarded for 4 years of $1,000 each year; 1awarded for 2 years of $2,000 each year and then my son at 2 yearsof $1,500 each year! There were 2 more $3,000 total scholarshipsand then (in total amounts) eight @ $2,000; ten @ $1,500; 110 @$1,000; and ten $1,000 per year interest free loans.

I am so honored that I am the mother of a son who got one of thehighest scholarships offered by the AAAA Foundation!

Yes you can see it on line,
on the left choose ARCHIVES
then 2006 scholarships
and you can see the article as I see it in the magazine.scroll down on that first page and he is the bottom right :)

okay I could go on and on (as you all well know) but don't you justLOVE Fall in Florida?

hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that Monday is the beginning of a terrific week for you,

lots of soapy hugs
denise/deBrat showing her proud mommy side quite obviously today :)