Friday, January 26, 2007

So What's in a Number anyway?

Well I'm perplexed. I'm rather good at math. Well basic math anyway. You would think that being good at basic math would mean that you could add up how many 5" sashings and how many 8" triangle sides and how many 16" kite pieces you have in a quilt and be able to come up with how many total minimal quilting inches that mean. You would think. But in actuality it has proven to be so much more complicate than simple math.

That lovely spreadsheet i have been keeping where the formula is built in to subtract the day's total quilting accomplishments from the total needed and render a "left to go" figure is... well it is not cooperating. See as of yesterday I came to have a NEGATIVE number in the "left to go" cell of the spreadsheet and as I sure as heck have not done more than the minimal quilting I am in a state of confusion as to how my math could be off some 300 plus inches without even factoring the four 16" of kites yet to do today.

the chart as it has progressed most recently

1/22/2007 170 707 left to go
1/23/2007 319 388 left to go
1/24/2007 337 51 left to go
1/25/2007 416 -365 left to go

oh well today i have already done 16" to finish of the last triangle's two sides and I will go merrily on my way to the kites so that I can get the binding on it this weekend.

And yes, I have flirted with the idea of doing more quilting on it, but my hands are holding up and I hate to start more quilting and have them falter and not get it finished for mailing. I used Thermore batting so it can be quilted up to 9" apart and this has mainly spaces that are 5" apart in it. I will pre-wash it with a dye magnet to make sure nothing will run and to get all of my hand oils(not lotion jsut what we naturally produce) out of it before I send it off to be loved!

I am in the works of trying to contact Tom Ledoux to confirm he still has the same mailing address and then this quilt full of memories and tears and prayers and hugs will be off to keep the grandchildren warm and comforted when they visit grandpa.

happy friday all!
denise/deBRat-jane already thinking of what finishing this will mean for the "next" project in line!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

It is Thursday morning

It is thursday morning (well for 5 more minutes) yippeee! I LOVE thursdays. Thursdays are generally the day my massage therapist comes to the house. And yes, she will be there tonight. thursdays are the day after "hump" day in the work week and so therefore the weekend is finally looking like it might actually arrive. Thursday is the last day of the week that there are a bunch of students in the computer lab I work in so it is my last busy/hectic/noisy day at work. Fridays only the die-hard students come in to the lab so it is quiet and I can get more accomplished (not in work but on whatever project I am working on at the time)

Today I worked all the ends in on my shrug... knitted from seashell Jo Sharp DK wool from this pattern

mine is very plain, and the knitting appeared to go on and on forEVER..... but it is mine. Next time I think I'll use a variegated yarn or self striping sock yarn or something.... pictures after I remember to take one and then find my cord to download them to the pc from the camera. Need to find the tiny little adapter for my phone's camera chip too because there are pics on there from October.... only 2006 LOL

so anyway, last night after seeing how far I had left, or rather how little I had left I quilted at home on the Winnie's Memory quilt. I now have only like 107" to go. seems like too little but hey, its only numbers right? so I'm going to post this sucker, where I appear to only be talking to myself (whats new? dh catches me walking around the house talking to myself all the time. he thinks its weird. i think it is productive. exercise those thought demons!) anyway, off i go to hopefully finish the triangles today. then I have just the kites. if the massage therapist was not coming tonight i'd get the binding on and whip it down by hand at work tomorrow. guess it will be this weekend instead.

have a grand and glorious day all, in the scheme of things it is but one day so enjoy all the GOOD things and blow off the bad,

denise/deBRAT - still the philosopher extradinaire

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A visual of the quilting progress

Wow! You never know how far along you are until you put it on paper and in COLOR too!

i quilted through the center of the 1/2" finished sashings (or in case of the long outer border, 1/4" wide sashing) and in the PLAIN pointing inwards triangles.

Sashing that is cheddar colored has been quilted. (Except for the bottom right narrow inner border that last 5" piece. EQ5 does not allow for me to differenciate (show the difference LOL) for that small part)

Triangles that are colored Cheddar have both sides quilted. (I quilted 1/4" away for the seam)

Triangles that are pink colored have only one side quilted of the two. (Again, EQ5 does not let me show you that)

So, in the overall of things, it is progressing very nicely. Too bad noone is reading this, eh?

here is the snapshot from EQ5. ~hugs denise/deBrat-jane a visual madness type person

Now I wish I had quilted today, I could have been all done that inner part. well off to pick it up and see how much I can get done in less than 2 hours left at work. It is only135" left of the sashing. well 140" with that odd place at the bottom. more hugs...... denise/deBrat-jane inspired once more!

procrastinating.... again.

Like everything else in life, too much of a good thing can be well.... too much. today i have not even unfolded the quilt and I'm wondering why i bothered to even carry the bag with it in it. sigh. I did get a total of 319" done yesterday which leaves me with 388" left to go! I'm thinking this is not quite right as I have most of the triangles and all of the four kites to put quilting in still and at least 3 horizontal rows of sashings to do. hmmmmm. mayhap it is time to do a clip of what i have finished?

maybe more in a wee bit
denise/deBrat Procrastinator extradinaire

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More hand quilting on "Remembering Civil War Winnie"

Well no pics yet, but how about some numbers? Remember I had spray basted the quilt on Monday, January 15, 2007 (Martin Luther King Day) and began hand quilting it at work the very next day.... here is a little chart (hope it copy and pastes into this) to see my progression so far. Looking good. Again, hand quilting is NOT my best form of quilting, but it is the fastest form right now as I have time available at work but not at home to progress on this project.

1377 total bare minimum
1/16/2007 75 1302 left to go
1/17/2007 80 1222 left to go
1/18/2007 215 1007 left to go
1/19/2007 0 1007 left to go
1/20/2007 130 877 left to go
1/21/2007 0 877 left to go
1/22/2007 170 707 left to go
1/23/2007 150 557 left to go (but hoping to get much more done on it today as it is only 11:30 AM

well that is where I stand right now on the quilt. I better get to trying to find the binding. Surely when I cut all these sashings and setting triangles I prepared my binding for this quilt?

lots of quilting hugs

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 16th 2007

I imagine everyone has given up on my ever posting to this blog again, but should they ever return they will see that I have indeed surfaced to this blog once more.

Now be sure you are sitting down when you read this next bit of the posting, I have finally basted Winnie's quilt and am hand quilting in the sashings as of 1:20 PM today. Yesterday, being Martin Luther King day and celebrated at all Florida Government offices, USF was closed. My dh had to work so I did the project that requires him to NOT be here! I spray basted the quilt on the livingroom rug. It went together quite quickly and I think now that it has been so many months since Winnie left us to be with Our Lord I think.... i can handle working on this quilt for her family.

I don't know if I wrote anything about my dear friend Joanna here but she and Winnie told me on the same day just hours apart that their breast cancer was back and had masticized. Winnie passed on May 9, 2006. Joanna has been fighting an uphill battle all these months, most of them without the benefit of chemo treatments due to many other things. Pain/radiation/blood counts/illness. With my dear friend who lives only 15 minutes from where I work so ill and with the same ailments as Winnie suffered earlier in the year, it has been too hard to work on Winnie's quilt.

I think it is a big step in "my" healing that I am able to work on it now.

Another thing that was helpful to me is even though it has been pinned to the design wall in my hallway all this time, it was pinned there with the backing blocks sections on top. So when I spray basted it and am now quilting it, it is NOT the part I have been looking at all this time but the fresher "front" of her quilt. It is amazing to me that state of mentality is so important in my quilting.

I have many projects I NEED to get done this year. and many more that I would LIKE to get done this year. Last year, shortly after Winnie passed, I took up soapmaking. I think I "hid" there until about November. Then regular life and holiday time things took over and now I can start fresh after the turn of the new year.

So dear friends, if you are reading this, I am still able to be reached at the email address you had for me all this time.... debrat @ you know where . rr. com..... let me know that you are there cheering me on to get this project off of my quilting lap and on to the laps of her grandchildren when they visit their grandfather.

Have a blessing filled 2007

Denise/deBrat feeling as if the whole world is no longer all on her shoulders.