Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More hand quilting on "Remembering Civil War Winnie"

Well no pics yet, but how about some numbers? Remember I had spray basted the quilt on Monday, January 15, 2007 (Martin Luther King Day) and began hand quilting it at work the very next day.... here is a little chart (hope it copy and pastes into this) to see my progression so far. Looking good. Again, hand quilting is NOT my best form of quilting, but it is the fastest form right now as I have time available at work but not at home to progress on this project.

1377 total bare minimum
1/16/2007 75 1302 left to go
1/17/2007 80 1222 left to go
1/18/2007 215 1007 left to go
1/19/2007 0 1007 left to go
1/20/2007 130 877 left to go
1/21/2007 0 877 left to go
1/22/2007 170 707 left to go
1/23/2007 150 557 left to go (but hoping to get much more done on it today as it is only 11:30 AM

well that is where I stand right now on the quilt. I better get to trying to find the binding. Surely when I cut all these sashings and setting triangles I prepared my binding for this quilt?

lots of quilting hugs

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