Friday, January 26, 2007

So What's in a Number anyway?

Well I'm perplexed. I'm rather good at math. Well basic math anyway. You would think that being good at basic math would mean that you could add up how many 5" sashings and how many 8" triangle sides and how many 16" kite pieces you have in a quilt and be able to come up with how many total minimal quilting inches that mean. You would think. But in actuality it has proven to be so much more complicate than simple math.

That lovely spreadsheet i have been keeping where the formula is built in to subtract the day's total quilting accomplishments from the total needed and render a "left to go" figure is... well it is not cooperating. See as of yesterday I came to have a NEGATIVE number in the "left to go" cell of the spreadsheet and as I sure as heck have not done more than the minimal quilting I am in a state of confusion as to how my math could be off some 300 plus inches without even factoring the four 16" of kites yet to do today.

the chart as it has progressed most recently

1/22/2007 170 707 left to go
1/23/2007 319 388 left to go
1/24/2007 337 51 left to go
1/25/2007 416 -365 left to go

oh well today i have already done 16" to finish of the last triangle's two sides and I will go merrily on my way to the kites so that I can get the binding on it this weekend.

And yes, I have flirted with the idea of doing more quilting on it, but my hands are holding up and I hate to start more quilting and have them falter and not get it finished for mailing. I used Thermore batting so it can be quilted up to 9" apart and this has mainly spaces that are 5" apart in it. I will pre-wash it with a dye magnet to make sure nothing will run and to get all of my hand oils(not lotion jsut what we naturally produce) out of it before I send it off to be loved!

I am in the works of trying to contact Tom Ledoux to confirm he still has the same mailing address and then this quilt full of memories and tears and prayers and hugs will be off to keep the grandchildren warm and comforted when they visit grandpa.

happy friday all!
denise/deBRat-jane already thinking of what finishing this will mean for the "next" project in line!

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