Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A visual of the quilting progress

Wow! You never know how far along you are until you put it on paper and in COLOR too!

i quilted through the center of the 1/2" finished sashings (or in case of the long outer border, 1/4" wide sashing) and in the PLAIN pointing inwards triangles.

Sashing that is cheddar colored has been quilted. (Except for the bottom right narrow inner border that last 5" piece. EQ5 does not allow for me to differenciate (show the difference LOL) for that small part)

Triangles that are colored Cheddar have both sides quilted. (I quilted 1/4" away for the seam)

Triangles that are pink colored have only one side quilted of the two. (Again, EQ5 does not let me show you that)

So, in the overall of things, it is progressing very nicely. Too bad noone is reading this, eh?

here is the snapshot from EQ5. ~hugs denise/deBrat-jane a visual madness type person

Now I wish I had quilted today, I could have been all done that inner part. well off to pick it up and see how much I can get done in less than 2 hours left at work. It is only135" left of the sashing. well 140" with that odd place at the bottom. more hugs...... denise/deBrat-jane inspired once more!

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