Thursday, January 25, 2007

It is Thursday morning

It is thursday morning (well for 5 more minutes) yippeee! I LOVE thursdays. Thursdays are generally the day my massage therapist comes to the house. And yes, she will be there tonight. thursdays are the day after "hump" day in the work week and so therefore the weekend is finally looking like it might actually arrive. Thursday is the last day of the week that there are a bunch of students in the computer lab I work in so it is my last busy/hectic/noisy day at work. Fridays only the die-hard students come in to the lab so it is quiet and I can get more accomplished (not in work but on whatever project I am working on at the time)

Today I worked all the ends in on my shrug... knitted from seashell Jo Sharp DK wool from this pattern

mine is very plain, and the knitting appeared to go on and on forEVER..... but it is mine. Next time I think I'll use a variegated yarn or self striping sock yarn or something.... pictures after I remember to take one and then find my cord to download them to the pc from the camera. Need to find the tiny little adapter for my phone's camera chip too because there are pics on there from October.... only 2006 LOL

so anyway, last night after seeing how far I had left, or rather how little I had left I quilted at home on the Winnie's Memory quilt. I now have only like 107" to go. seems like too little but hey, its only numbers right? so I'm going to post this sucker, where I appear to only be talking to myself (whats new? dh catches me walking around the house talking to myself all the time. he thinks its weird. i think it is productive. exercise those thought demons!) anyway, off i go to hopefully finish the triangles today. then I have just the kites. if the massage therapist was not coming tonight i'd get the binding on and whip it down by hand at work tomorrow. guess it will be this weekend instead.

have a grand and glorious day all, in the scheme of things it is but one day so enjoy all the GOOD things and blow off the bad,

denise/deBRAT - still the philosopher extradinaire

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