Monday, April 25, 2005

Woohoo! I'm going to be a grandma! And these are the first booties I'm knitting for dear grandchild due 11/28. I am so excited. Can you tell? This is the tiniest project I have ever knit. I don't know if I can make it through a whole pair of these so small things. Too small needles, too small yarn and too few stitch count. But for this first grandchild anything is possible. I wish for you dear little one to be, the moon the stars and everything for thee. - love grandma brattie

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Part of my Bunny Swap goodies received from Debbie in Texas. That is a needlekeepeer with the sweet friends material and a handdyed handspun merino wool. The rest you should be able to make out I think.

Close up of the lacey leftovers belt, ft lauderdale belt and part of the Eros Glitz scarf belt.

Recently I mentioned on several of my lists that I was making belts for my sister in law. Here is a pick of the 4 I sent. Top is made from Noro Kureyon. It is a horseshoe cable. I did not care to work with this yarn. It felt nasty and did not felt up as nicely as the Cascade did, though I have to take part of that blame on me for not making it "loose" enough to cause friction and to shrink. Of the four it is the one my dsil likes 2nd best. next down is a gorgeous scarf/belt made from Eros Glitz. It is soooo 70's LOL

Here is a close-up for those who might want to see how the Squiggle felted in with the Cascade 220. Looks really cute. The I-cord handles are knit from one of each yarn and twisted together before grafting them to the bag. I also, donated two very funky hats earlier this month for the auction but forgot to take pictures of them.... sigh. always forgetting something. ~d

This is the Sophie Bag found at made from Cascade 220 and Squiggle the container the handle is lying against is the cereal container used to block it while drying. the book inside is to give you reference to size. It was also donated to PINK for Relay for Life. I'll post a close-up too. Oh and the book is not a fullsized book if you are not familiar with it. ~d

The hat and scarf set made from cha cha white and the Rainbow Boucle and donated to the PINK auction for Relay for Life. you are looking at it sideways. sorry. at the far right are my reading glasses on their designed by me glass holder. ~d

Close up of the cha cha yarn (white) worked with the Rainbow Boucle to make the hat and scarf set. Also donated to the PINK auction for Relay for Life. ~d

Close up of the bottom edge of the hairpin lace stole. I left the bottom loopies free to be fringe!

The stole for the PINK auction measures 21" x 66". It is even just did not pull it straight in the picture. Donated to Relay for Life via Knit 'n Knibble Yarn Shop in Tampa, FL Made with Rainbow Boucle a joAnn's exclusive. 853 yards in the 11 oz huge skein/ball of yarn. It was $7.99 and I used a 40% off coupon for it. I also made the hat and scarf set from it and there is plenty left over! Perhaps a hairpin lace scarf? Who knows ~d

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Excited beyond belief!

Okay in just a few minutes I will head off to Clearwater to meet with my mom and go to the knitting shop over there and I will get to see my first WHEEL! I am not planning to buy one there as I am leaning more toward a Kromski Minstrel or Mazurka and this shop does not represent these. So wish me well as I go to this shop today.

Other items of knitting interest this week: my first two skeins of Opal sock yarn arrived! I am now the proud owner of a lovely tourquoise/teals yarn and one of red grey and black. The red grey and black are my son's school colors so I hope to make up so fantabulous socks to wear to his basketball games next year, his senior year.

Well, need to run as it is over an hour to my mom's house and the shop opens at 10. It looks like I will miss the blessing of the royal wedding. I think that I have to say I have not seen so many hats! One looked like a leafless tree branch on one ladies hat and just now one lady looked like she had a HUGE scrubbie on her head. Makes you want to know the designers' name of these things.

Blessings for each you and may you have much time to knit this week on a project you love.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

My first pair of socks and it only took THREE to get the pair. Though I did hear from one lovely soul who told me it took her FIVE socks to get a pair.... now that is patience. These were finished in February 2005 and they are modeled in front of my Viking Husqvarna Rose sewing machine. My first love but obviously not my last when I found knitting... and then there is spinning oh so much to do and so little time to devout to it.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

April 2, 2005

And so there was a beginning.... I have seen so many "blogs" I just had to have one of my own. I can be wordy at times and I hope that you will enjoy my travels in knitting during those times. I can get very quiet when "life" takes over and I hope you will wait patiently to hear from me again when those times come along. In the meantime, welcome to my "blog" and I will now go off to find out how to post pics and such to this neat internet diary-photo album-type thing!
Blessings to you and yours