Saturday, April 9, 2005

Excited beyond belief!

Okay in just a few minutes I will head off to Clearwater to meet with my mom and go to the knitting shop over there and I will get to see my first WHEEL! I am not planning to buy one there as I am leaning more toward a Kromski Minstrel or Mazurka and this shop does not represent these. So wish me well as I go to this shop today.

Other items of knitting interest this week: my first two skeins of Opal sock yarn arrived! I am now the proud owner of a lovely tourquoise/teals yarn and one of red grey and black. The red grey and black are my son's school colors so I hope to make up so fantabulous socks to wear to his basketball games next year, his senior year.

Well, need to run as it is over an hour to my mom's house and the shop opens at 10. It looks like I will miss the blessing of the royal wedding. I think that I have to say I have not seen so many hats! One looked like a leafless tree branch on one ladies hat and just now one lady looked like she had a HUGE scrubbie on her head. Makes you want to know the designers' name of these things.

Blessings for each you and may you have much time to knit this week on a project you love.

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