Friday, December 30, 2011

photography and rewards

I do not remember where I read it, but i seem to recall that you can take 100 shots to get one decent photograph of a noun.  Well, today i took less than 100 shots but i did manage to achieve two very nice shots.  The first was after trying for like 20 shots to get a picture of a seagull in flight over the water.  The second I was trying to get any bird at all flying in front of the sunset, but the power boat will suffice in this case.

Today I took a walk up to all the different shops. I started at the local Ace Hardware and bought three bags of the refill of damprid to help out in the condo.  The guy graciously let me leave them there until i walked up the way to all the shops as they are rather heavy.

From there I went to the pottery place where I've had my eye on a lovely cobalt blue planter that I want for an umbrella holder in my office.  But someone was smoking a cigar and I moved on quickly.

The next stop was the jewelry store in the cute little shops all-in-a-row.  I do not really need any jewelry but they do not have any candles or lotions etc so I can go in there without having my cheeks burn and swell inside my face from whatever it is in man-made scents that bothers me so much.  I did manage to get a bargain on last year's Mexico Beach tournament shirt at $5 for hubby.

I stopped briefly at Two Gulls as they had a plain white Mexico Beach license plate holder and I thought it would be nice for the new car.  I went in bought the holder and moved on in under 1 minute.

I stopped in to our realtor's office but Mary was on vacation.  I managed to speak with Bill and look at some of the laminated aerials they have of the area.  I asked how much to buy the one that had the condos where we bought while they were still in construction.  Turns out they were not for sale but were for marketing purposes.  That is how I got to see so many of them and talk about some of the dream houses that are still way out of any budget we could have come up with.

I continued on up the street to The Grove.  They have a yard full of signs that say things like "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" or something about beer or wine etc.  one says something about forgiving ones enemies but after they are hanged!  all are on bits of weathered planking and the hangers are of thick rope.

I went inside to see what wonderful items they had to choose from this trip (but all so far out of my spending budget).  Well i found a cheap frame with a sea turtle close up in it that would look nice in the hall bathroom or the front room for only $9.  In the 2nd room i saw a stretched canvas sea turtle and another one behind it with the turquoise and blues i want to put in that room.   They were a goodly purchase at $45 each but so worth it to have found something I really like that does not have an empty beach chair or some volkswagon station wagon in it that i do not have.  I decided to get the small cheap frame still along with the two canvas sea turtles.

Lugging all of my bags I headed back to Ace Hardware to pick up my damp rid.  while I was in there I grabbed three paint sample strips that will help me to match fabrics to the colors in the two canvas sea turtles once I get back home.  And then I realized as i was walking back to the condo that the sea turtles would be PERFECT in the living room above the couch!  And sure enough, once I got home while they would be GREAT in the all-bed-bedroom, they really needed to be over the couch.  I think you'll agree with me when you see the picture below.  The lamps I painted and the shades I dyed and covered, along with the afghan my Aunt Joanne sent me just look wonderful together.  Now to work on replacing those yellow with red in them drapes to something with a great ocean feel......