Thursday, July 15, 2010

two fish done!

two fish done and setting tri's laid out next to them to get a feel for the border and is it headed where i want it to be?

the fish for the living room condo comparison arrived today!

not sure if the "exact same one" is the same size but they ARE by the same company as the one up in Mexico Beach.  I'm hoping there are three sizes so we can have an asst of them on the wall
and another picture!  the one on tohe top is advertised as 12" fish bottom one is 6" fish. one on top is the same as the one up at the condo already.  now to wait for neal to come home from business trip and see if he thinks is the same size or not.

a frame test for the hall/guest bathrrom at the condo

i bought a 1.99 frame from joann's along with 2 oz 89 cent paint and teal/washed the frame and got this.
i plan to use soemthing "sand" looking (possibly sand paper) for the insert and then glue on a shell we collected at mexico beach recently.  they get a lot of money for these types of things and i'll have done it for lots less AND have a shell we collected.  if it works out and looks nice when we go up there next i'll get a couple more frames and repeat the process.  the face cloth is one i keep here for the color choices. 

the wooden fish i got a few years back for free from someone at work and i thnk i'll paint it white and teal/wash it too to match to hang over the towel rack near the sink in the same bathroom

the pics!

a fish is done!

okay so one fish is done of  eight or sixteen total and i'm so excited because i over sized it and cut it back so it is 9 1/2" square put on point block instead of the 12 1/2" in the pattern so less overall adding to the size of the quilts.  but it is not the math or size you want you want pics!  and so do I :)

bargello centers - DONE!

three pics of the bargello centers with a couple of fabric border options  all are too busy and the WOW (white on white) baby stuff fabric is too well, white.  it needs something and the best i've come up with in my mind is those pieced braided border blocks forming diamonds on a piece of paper on the side (shown better in the close up shot) but the work that will take is more time than i think i have to do them.  don't forget (i'm trying not to forget) I still have to quilt these TWO quilts after borders go on them.

enjoy the pics
grandma to be of TWINS!

and i think what i've decided is to  make a total of eight (8) fish from this pattern that i bought this magazine for recently to put in the corners of each one and then something totally clever to be determined on the sides between them.

link to the tropical fish pattern Quilt magazine Aug/ Sept 2010  which will add 16" or so per side! as they are set on-point  these will be HUGE baby quilts LOL  good thing the afghans are only about 40" square.

well i'm off to job hunt and to practice my typing and data entry and to begin the process of eight tropical fish and planning for the in-between portions fo the borders.
oh, and didn't the rainbow effect of the bargello centers come out lovely?  i'm soooo pleased with them!

quilty hugs

Friday, July 9, 2010

fishing dreams?

it didn't look that long of a lower "day" dock area when I went down there, but I guess it is.

mama bear dreaming of all the fish she'll catch in the canal!