Friday, December 30, 2011

photography and rewards

I do not remember where I read it, but i seem to recall that you can take 100 shots to get one decent photograph of a noun.  Well, today i took less than 100 shots but i did manage to achieve two very nice shots.  The first was after trying for like 20 shots to get a picture of a seagull in flight over the water.  The second I was trying to get any bird at all flying in front of the sunset, but the power boat will suffice in this case.

Today I took a walk up to all the different shops. I started at the local Ace Hardware and bought three bags of the refill of damprid to help out in the condo.  The guy graciously let me leave them there until i walked up the way to all the shops as they are rather heavy.

From there I went to the pottery place where I've had my eye on a lovely cobalt blue planter that I want for an umbrella holder in my office.  But someone was smoking a cigar and I moved on quickly.

The next stop was the jewelry store in the cute little shops all-in-a-row.  I do not really need any jewelry but they do not have any candles or lotions etc so I can go in there without having my cheeks burn and swell inside my face from whatever it is in man-made scents that bothers me so much.  I did manage to get a bargain on last year's Mexico Beach tournament shirt at $5 for hubby.

I stopped briefly at Two Gulls as they had a plain white Mexico Beach license plate holder and I thought it would be nice for the new car.  I went in bought the holder and moved on in under 1 minute.

I stopped in to our realtor's office but Mary was on vacation.  I managed to speak with Bill and look at some of the laminated aerials they have of the area.  I asked how much to buy the one that had the condos where we bought while they were still in construction.  Turns out they were not for sale but were for marketing purposes.  That is how I got to see so many of them and talk about some of the dream houses that are still way out of any budget we could have come up with.

I continued on up the street to The Grove.  They have a yard full of signs that say things like "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" or something about beer or wine etc.  one says something about forgiving ones enemies but after they are hanged!  all are on bits of weathered planking and the hangers are of thick rope.

I went inside to see what wonderful items they had to choose from this trip (but all so far out of my spending budget).  Well i found a cheap frame with a sea turtle close up in it that would look nice in the hall bathroom or the front room for only $9.  In the 2nd room i saw a stretched canvas sea turtle and another one behind it with the turquoise and blues i want to put in that room.   They were a goodly purchase at $45 each but so worth it to have found something I really like that does not have an empty beach chair or some volkswagon station wagon in it that i do not have.  I decided to get the small cheap frame still along with the two canvas sea turtles.

Lugging all of my bags I headed back to Ace Hardware to pick up my damp rid.  while I was in there I grabbed three paint sample strips that will help me to match fabrics to the colors in the two canvas sea turtles once I get back home.  And then I realized as i was walking back to the condo that the sea turtles would be PERFECT in the living room above the couch!  And sure enough, once I got home while they would be GREAT in the all-bed-bedroom, they really needed to be over the couch.  I think you'll agree with me when you see the picture below.  The lamps I painted and the shades I dyed and covered, along with the afghan my Aunt Joanne sent me just look wonderful together.  Now to work on replacing those yellow with red in them drapes to something with a great ocean feel......

Monday, November 21, 2011

The problem in life is.....

The problem in life is for me anyway, that i want to do it all! I am not getting any younger.  Who is? and I find there are still many things I have not done or seen and I've come to the realization that I probably won't ever get to do half of them!  For instance, it recently dawned on me that I'd LOVE to go ziplining!  if that is the proper way to write that.  Anyway, how is that going to happen?  I am middle aged -and in 10 to 15 years i intend to STILL be middle aged- and well physically it might not be the best choice to go flying through the air and landing at a fast rate of speed with my knees acting as springs!

Beyond being  cough cough older than should possibly be zip lining anything other than hanging clothes out to dry, I'm not too sure on the height thing.  As I've gotten smarter in my old-ness I've learned that height can injure and inflict great pain upon ones body parts.  Not only that but I have also learned that it takes much longer for an injury to heal too.  Take a small mosquito bite.  It itches, I scratch.  It scabs, it heals.  It becomes a dark spot on my leg and forever forward that dark spot resides on my leg.  I envision the person doing the autopsy (I don't imagine I'll go just naturally in my sleep so an autopsy it will be!) saying subject had been bitten nine hundred and fifty two times in the past 20 years as evidenced by the varying sized dark spots on her legs. Not to be confused with the many dark-ISH spots on her forearms, shoulders and gosh is that a spot on her backside too?"

And being middle aged and oldish and creative I have traveled from my original thought process of this post.  I want to do it all! I want to swim with the dolphins! I want to hang glide from an awesome view height!   I want to zip line through a jungle and hear the gibbons in the tree tops as i go whizzing by!  But I think that I will settle for watching Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild channels on television as I sip a glass of sweet wine (which I watched on the making of wine and the hundreds of grape varietals on the History channel last evening) on television.  God Bless the inventor of high def television and those that made a big screen tv available at an affordable price in recent years.

Now i'm off to dream of walking on the beach in Mexico Beach where we plan to spend our long holiday weekend.  The only height i'll be enjoying there is our 2nd floor balcony at the condo and being some 10 feet above the water as I fish from the pier.

Have a safe holiday weekend and enjoy your friends and family- the true Blessings of Thankfulness this thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


For my Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap partner, if she approves it. If not I have a small window of opportunity to make her something else and keep this for me! 
picture quality is probably really poor, besides laying on the decrepit ironing board with all the stuff around it, it was taken with my droidX2 camera then cropped.
Yes, those are dear jane blocks.
K-2 Grandpa's Chickens in the green.
J-7 Chicken Tracks in red near the center
B-9 Jane's tears center row 2nd from left
G-12 Hannah's Hearts center row 4th from left
L-3 Reflections Abound (I think) center most block
the two on either end of the center row are the beginning of making
B-2 Sweet Tater pie.  You take two of those then make one a circle and applique it over the first block setting it "off" by one color.  easier to do than to describe. especially when you are as sick as I am right now.

so there you are, a PICTURE of a nearly done item.  the binding will take very little time as it is not very large.  for those that do not know those blocks are finished at 4 1/2 inches and for this runner I made the sashing 1" finished.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

top done! pics tomorrow

today i pieced together my Modern Christmas Tablerunner for the swap I am in.  It is even sandwiched!  though tonight i remembered an idea i had for the runner and i may take back that sandwich and do it the way i thought of a while back.  all this mystery :)  well more mystery as i took pics with the cell phone and i'm too lazy to go dig around for the adapter so i can put them on the computer.

for now i'm just happy to have the darn top part done! yea!  soon i will be able to move on to my 25 weeks Secret Santa Swap partner's gifties! and tuesday i finished neal's birthday present. the cover for his cushion at the condo.  more pictures need to be taken.

now i'm off for more inspiration so i can continue to quilt and sew!  it has been a very long dry spell!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Christmas Table Runner Swap!

I signed up for a Christmas Table Runner Swap and for the life of me i can't recall what bunny trail of internet clicking got me there but I'm so glad it did!

That is the swap I signed up for and I've had such fun with it too. I have signed up at Flickr and learned how to post a mosaic (a bunch of pictures all grouped together) and now I'm impatiently waiting for my swap partner to be assigned and get started on it.

Have a glorious day all,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's a Mystery.. and a bit lonely

I don't know how it happened but all of my followers disappeared in one big swoop!  Okay, so there were only 10 or 11 or maybe it was even 12, but they all un-followed me at once?  Something is up here and it is not my followers number. 

Makes me want to create another blog just I can "follow" me here.

Hope your day is grand and filled with a large number of "followers" and friends,
denise/deBRAT in still hot, still muggy Florida

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Isn't this just the cutest thing?

I get a crafting email and this was in today's it is toooo cute quilting daily I have NO affiliation to them other than getting their newsletter.  Below is the info for purchasing the pattern  as i would not want to post it here and not have given credit to the the pattern people etc I'd love to make!  Maybe next year, after a job and catching up on bills.

September 8, 2011
Scrabble Jack
Greet your trick-or-treat guests with this fun, friendly
jack-o'-lantern! It's easy and quick-to-stitch!

Size: 27" tall.

Skill Level: Beginner

Category: Quilting

ONLY $9.48
Scrabble Jack

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Barbeque!

My Brother gave us a bag of charcoal to use on the community grill, conveniently located just one floor down directly below are balcony.  We chose this trip to take the plunge and try our hand at charcoal grilling again.  We have owned a gas grill for at least the past 20 years if not longer so this was going to be interesting.

It takes two males of high intelligence and one female of medium intelligence to cook two steaks and four hamburgers to raw to rawer stage.   One male, who shall not be pointed out exactly, towered and lighterfluid-ed the resulting tower to get it started while one male and one female took it upon themselves to add to the verbal observations of how it should be done.

One male and one female remained at the grill once the meat was to go on.  The other male went up to the condo to nuke the yams, potatoes, peas and mixed veggies and to lay out the melon, macaroni salad, lettuce leaves and pickles for buffet style eating.

One female tried to cook two steaks and four burgers on the grill to everyone's rate of done-ness profile.  Results?  The one burger left on grill to be well done for husband/male was determined to be still raw inside.  One steak was also two raw for husband/male and that must have been really bad as on the gas grill at home I've never had him say a steak was too raw for him and I've put out some really really raw meat in the form of a steak for him.  (he likes his steaks seared on the outside rare in the middle and his burgers well done).  the other male was busy observing the steak/burger shuffle on the grill being done by yours truly as I tried to find a place to "sear' the steaks. 

After the first barbeue on a charcoal grill in some 24+ years (yes, we had some years without a grill) and some online research and that day's observations both males and the female agree that it will require a much longer cook time for all meats involved in the future.

Picture below is of the results being served on the bright orange metal plates my dear mother-in-law gave to us when we got the condo.  They made nice sturdy serving platters to transport the meat back up to the condo from the grill.  Ignore the not yet melted cheese on two of the burgers that make them look even less appetizing.

Hope your grilling days are better timed than this one was!
Below are two pictures of sunrise at the condo from our balcony.  The first one the colors are much more true as to what I was viewing.  And the second one is what the camera was automatically doing to it.

Funny thing is that when I take a picture at sunset at the beach, I am usually actually seeing something closer to the lighter-second picture of the sunrise in colors and the camera does an automatic thing that makes it look closer to the first-redder picture of the sunrise below.  Bizarre automatic setting on camera in my opinion.

Lamps are at the condo!

The lamps are set up in the condo and I love them!  The shades look crooked in the picture.
 After the bench cushions are done I think the next bit of decor for the condo should be a decision as to what to hang above the sofa.  i had my eye on a piece of artwork but it runs too orange according to the comments from purchasers.  So I am thinking I might get a few pieces of canvas and use my wonderful glaze and paint samples used on the lamps and make my own artwork to hang above the sofa.  Of course, now that we have discovered Sam's Club photo shop does poster sized prints I might have a sunset or two done up instead. 

So many options, so little wall space.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

UPDATE: Lampshades

The lampshades are finished!  I still need to clean up the acrylic bases and decide if I will embellish with seashells, something else, or not at all on the bases and the lampshades.  But for now I'm calling them done!

 (thank you dear mother-in-law for gifting us these lamps)

(Forgive me dear Mother-in-law for always changing that which you are gifting to us as evidenced in the very beginning of this post from June 2010)
The shades are much closer in color than they appear in this picture, though there is less of the teal to them and more of the blue tones.  But I love them just the way they are!
Enjoy your day and do something crafty!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Making plans...

With the Labor Day weekend and our departure date to the MB condo just around the corner I am busily making plans for what we will be taking up in the truck.  Our truck, a Ford Ranger is not a very comfortable ride even just to my parent's house an hour and a quarter away.  So the 7 hours journey to MB is a horribly uncomfortable ride.   So I want to make sure we fit as much as we want to transport up there any time soon in this trip! 

We will be stopping at Ikea on Thursday to buy the three shelves, two which will be horizontally placed to become much needed benches and one 2 drawer insert and one 1 drawer insert to test out how they perform.

I need to sew the three cushion covers for the bench in the manly master bedroom and one leftover foam piece for the bench in the all-bed-bedroom. I need to paint and attach the two lampshades for the livingroom up there and clean up the acrylic bases to the lamp bases.  I need to find and pack my glue gun so I can glue on some seashells to the acrylic bases if I decide I like the looks of them.  I want to use shells collected on the beach there so I will be collecting, boiling and drying those up there, if I decide that is the way to go.

Around all of that will be the job search process, the house chores on thursday morning and packing for the trip.

Lots to do so I must be off to do it!

be safe, be dry, be happy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Traveling light

Due to the 2011 secret santa swap on the yahoo group 25weeks a lot of banter has been going on regarding gifts etc.  In answer to a post I happened to mention that I use this when I leave the house.  I travel light now!  Very light!  a picture is below of my Droid X2 in the lovely leather case I got on ebay tucked partially inside a water bottle carrier I made from this free online pattern along with my large sized Maggie (Joan Hawley Lazy Girl Designs) which has my wonder wallet tucked into it and a lip balm. Of course, I have my keys!  If hubby is buying and driving (my obviously PREFERRED method of travel. I just grab the water bottle carrier with the lip balm in the bottom and the cased Droid X2 on top of it.

No affiliation to either the bestsources store on Ebay or Joan Hawley with Lazy Girl Designs or Nivea maker of my lip balm.  Just happy with products.

Made of pink ribbon fabric in honor of my beloved best friend Joanna Fritz-Reed who lost her battle with breast cancer 5 days before her 34th birthday, May 19, 2006.

Monday, August 22, 2011

shades- a working solution

I love that I have a stash of fabric.  I love that it is sometimes a bit more varied than just plain old quilting cottons.  And today I'm especially grateful that I had just over a yard of something for drapery backing.  either rain no stain or something like that.  it is a cream type canvas and it is heavy.  and when i laid the pattern for the shade replacement on it, it would fit twice!  So then I pondered that a for a few days.

Today I dragged that heavy drapery roll with the just over one yard of canvas type fabric out of the garage fully expecting to cut out the two pieces I needed.  Except... ut might think... except that i noticed there was a piece that was about 12" square that was sort of extra.  So I cut that off.  I cut that piece in exact halves planning to check to see if it would shrink in water as the rest of the fabric is rather dirty looking.  And then I let it soak for an hour in what started out as very hot water.  Well that fabric was hard pressed to get officially wet through and through.  So I wrung it out and laid it on a paper towel and let it begin to dry. 

In the meantime, I got out the newly remembered Neocolor II pastels watercolor sticks that I got for Christmas last year.  I had recalled those and dug them out while I was pondering the discovery of the canvas piece of fabric the past couple of days.  I had done a bit of research on how to use them on fabric.  I knew that they could be used that way because that is how I justified asking for them for Christmas.  If I found I did not like to do watercolor painting, or if I was just no good at it, I could always use them on fabric .  Clever I am for justifying a new craft don't you think?

I then picked out 5 of them that were close in color to the paint colors i'd used on the lamp bases and began to roughly use them on the dry piece of canvas.  Then I used a very wet artist brush and tried to blend the colors together on the fabric.  NO success.  The fabric was repelling the water.  Well I finished what I had done anyway to the whole piece to see what happened later and then got up and got the wet piece out and proceeded to roughly use the wax pastels on that piece in the same manner.  Used the artist brush again and SUCCESS! 

you should be able to see from the picture below that i am indeed really close in the coloring to the already painted lamp bases.  there is a plain white terry cloth towel over the tops of the lamps and the two pieces are laid on top of that.  Wet piece on the left and dry piece on the right.

Tomorrow I will heat set the two pieces and then cut out the main piece of fabric using my pattern.

I'm sooo excited about this lovely turn of events after my disappointment at finding the best fabric for the shades and knowing it was many years old and unlikely to find 2 yards of it.

hope your day is as productive and surprisingly crafty
denise/deBRAT in Florida

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Help! Perfect fabric mystery

Yesterday I posted about the bases being painted for the condo lamps.  this morning I went searching for the perfect fabric to redo the lampshades.  Well the ones I found with enough yardage did not go.  and the one absolutely perfect MADE for it i haev about 6" x 15" of it.  Certainly not enough to cover even one lampshade, let alone two.

I thought it was part of the Fossil Ferns line by Benartex but looking under current fabrics and not in the archive.

so please if you can tell me what the fabric is (on the bottom of the part hanging over the lampshade and not the National Parks -Everglades at the top of it) please let me know!  And if you have any please part with it!
It will go to a great cause... the condo lampshades redo cause.

Monday, August 15, 2011

UPDATE: lamps

If I was a clever blogger I would be linking you to a previous post where I talked about the lamps I want to redo to put in the condo.  Well, they have been prepped and spray primer coated with XLM for over a week.  Now that dear son has moved i can refocus on those lamps.  Not too mention that we are tentatively planning a trip to MB for Labor Day weekend and already planning to take the truck IF we buy the IKEA shelves i fell in love with.  So that means preparing and packing and taking all that I can in this one truck trip!  The truck is NOT a comfortable ride and when we take my Miata there is just enough room for our two overhead luggage sized bags and well, us!

So today with a 50% chance of rain I dragged out the box of Sherwin-Williams paint samples I bought and the cutest little roller kits and some oddball artist paint brushes and then of course, the single section tv dinner / vegetable trays dh is forever holding on to... and then some very old yucky work clothes  and out to the magic plastic always-set-up-now folding table.
the before picture

And a few of the after shots today.  One picture is of the still mauve and very LARGE shades that I will need to do something with.  When I showed hubby tonight he just did not See it even though they were right in front of his nose.  But he did think to ask if I had anymore of that fabric left.  meaning the fish fabric i used to cover the two countertop bar stools I turned from being silver and black to white and oceanic!  and the last picture is from the internet and was the inspiration for the background colors used.  ignore the turtle and any other details in it and look only at the colors themselves.  those are what I hope to paint onto the large wall in the livingroom at the condo one day.  for now, I've had a good deal of fun playing with the paint and glaze and oh I took the leftover paints and looked around with brush and one of the five frozen veggie trays in my hand looking for a place to "use up the last of it so as not to be wasteful".  Ruling out the fence as more than dh could handle looking at.  Ruling out the wall of the house but oh so wistfully.  and then what did I spy but the above ground pool!  two of the many sections created by the support posts are now painted with the left over paint!  and I sprayed them with a VERY" quick coat of krylon clear glossy too!

the painters tape is still around the metal on the top portion and around the clear acrylic bases too.  just so you know.

Friday, August 12, 2011

U-Haul (picture intensive)

Yesterday Son and I went to pick up this in the early morning.

which he proceeded to load
 until the garage looked like this
and the truck looked like this

Note: the tubs and CA King mattress and box springs are not yet in the truck.  THey are still in the livingroom
and the diningroom   (the black tubs are his, the clear ones are my fabric and yarn cleared from the garage to make room for his "cube" area to store his stuff after he graduated and came here while he continued his search for a job)
the box springs are leaning against the wall but they were previously ontop of those totes with the mattress on top.  the table was moved back and forth in that small area as we ate at it or did not eat.  three chairs were in the kitchen at this point and one in the livingroom.
above just makes me think of "the princess and the pea" fairytale.

to fit our three vehicles and the Uhaul for the loading and overnighting we borrowed our wonderful neighbor Don's left portion of his driveway.
 the vette and miata are in the driveway temporarily like above while loading the truck.  after husband arrived home from work the car trailer was now at the uhaul place so they took the poor little Ford Ranger to pick it up AND they took the vette in case they could get it on there and trailer it home that way.  Which they did AFTER son had to remove the front portion of his vette!  The part that was always scraping our driveway.  Low profile vehicle takes on a whole new meaning when you deal with a '04 gorgeous vette.
sort of viewable in the above picture.  if you knew what it looked like normally (with that wind dam that goes to barely above the road) you'd realize he is indeed missing a portion of his car right now in order to get it to....
hmmm can't read it but he's headed to Maryland and on the side of the truck is the Chesapeake Bay "did you know".  How funny is that?
In order to prevent theft of truck, contents of truck, car and car dolly and contents of car. we parked like this

it takes a list like this (room by room and shed by shed) to help you recall where you've stashed everything in your parent's house in order to make it all fit in.
It takes a bag or two of snacks to get them through the estimated 20 hours or more drive.

And at 6:46AM -son, with husband helping, began their long drive to son's new job and apartment and the beginning of his career. They look like this pic below

and me?  well the waterworks and heavy sobbing began as the truck began the turn at the end of our street.  which by the way, is nigh unto impossible to take a picture of so i have nothing but moving tail lights
and here is a decent picture of the truck and the vette on the car trailer.

Fly high my dear son!  You worked hard to be to this point in your life and we wish you all the best that life has to offer you.  Explore.  Dream.  Achieve.  Enjoy.  Love.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

three weeks?!!

Oh my, I was catching up on a few of my favorite blogs today and what did i see on one of them? My blog was listed and my last post was 3 weeks ago, yikes!

So here is much ado about..... well.... three weeks.

We took a spur of the moment trip to Mexico Beach and visited with my brother, now a first time homeowner and has the distinct distinction of being the first "homesteader" in his condo development.  In other words, he lives there!  Lucky him.  He purchased it "used" and so has had the walls painted during a recent bout of rain that made the painters happy as they had been working on an outside job :)  Then after the movers still had not delivered his furniture and another batch of well-timed rain, the painters came back and did the trim and all the doors.  So now it is very apparent to me that my brother just L-O-V-E-S the color blue.  Parkwater and Let it rain blue to be exact.  I wonder what all that will look like when I get back up there as his furniture finally Arrived!  Can hardly wait to see.  Amazing how excited we can get about someone else's home purchase and all that it entails. Do you think it might be so exciting as all the work is not ours?  wink wink

We fished while we were up there and while i did not catch record number of fish or even a record size of fish i did have two good hits but did not get to see what they were as they busted the line.  My normal fishing buddies are all off at their summer residences so not much in the way of chatter time on the pier but did make friends with one guy who was visiting.  he had grown up in the area and was in town for a few days and got to do some fishing.  he also had a hit on his line that he lost.  Neither of which was a shark or ray.  They did not run like either of them anyway.

What else have we done?  Hmmm I've been knitting up on a couple of projects.  One is a double knitted soaker for the first grandbaby of dear friends of ours to be born the end of this month.  Let me tell ya, that is the last double knitted soaker I will be making.  Quite possibly it will be the last soaker double knitted or not.  It took blessed forever to knit.  And all for a wee one to wee in?  Whatever happened to just plain cloth diapers?  Oh well, the revived 60's are here with their newly adapted manners and gadgets.  What goes around, comes around.

I knew the soaker would be finished before the rest of the pre-ordered yarn arrived for the ladybug jackets for the twins so I needed a quick knit project to work on til the serano (red) yarn got here.  I opted for a scarf pattern for myself called Wisp out of the apple green silk/angora yarn my sister spun and gifted to me.  I was working along on that very nicely and suddenly found myself wanting to make apple picking hats for the twins.  I bought the yarn at Joanns  (come on why spend 8-10 dollars a skein when they may get to wear them one apple pickin' time?  And could not find an appropriate hat pattern I liked so I cast on what I felt I wanted and just kept knitting it.  As I needed to make two - twins you know - I had to write down what I did so I could make the second one.  This is resulting in a pattern that I plan to publish.  Working pattern name?  Emma Jane's Basic Hat - Apple Pickin' Time.  The first one just needs the leaves sewn on and the ends worked in and Amelia's hat is already through most of the ribbing.  If the ladybug jacket yarn does not arrive soon I'll be casting on for yet another project to work on til it arrives.  Though I do need to revisit the Wisp (when you go to this link, think only about 7" wide and long enough to do that pull thru wrap thing, not the size of the pattern) scarf for myself as I'd love to have that for those days that are just a bit chilly here in Florida.

Still job searching and the pickin's on that front are mighty slim indeed.  Youngest son leaves on the 12th to his first non-college digs for his first-ever real-life job in MD.  We are excited for him and yet, it is sad to see him go.  Each time he moves it takes a larger vehicle.  I wonder if he has really made the connection thought process yet that as you age so does the trail of "stuff" you lug along with you get larger and longer?

Oh I have been painting two ceramic lamps my dear mother-in-law gave us.  As they are mauve and the condo is anything but mauve, I went searching for something to paint them with.  I finally used XLM as a primer for them.  Problem?  Well, they wound up looking VERY textured.  Like sand was sprinkled on them.  Which led me to re-think the paint the bottoms white and put a darkish shade on them.  Darkish shade choice due only to the fact that the existing shades are also mauve AND huge!  To buy new shades would certainly defeat the purpose of using gifted lamps so.... I am in deep thought and internet research over potential coverings for the shades.

The lamp bases were nearly going to become lighthouses but sort of gave up on that idea I think.  Then with the sandy texture I saw beach sand with some real MB sand adhered to them and shells etc.  Probably not, but not entirely ruled out either.

While I was at Sherwin Williams for the XLM and other spray on paint ("krylon fusion" supposedly does ceramic items) I decided to research the colors for my ultimate dream wall mural for the tv wall in the condo livingroom in MB.  We have 5 resin fish hung there right now and well I want a mural of underwater.  BUT murals are not that large and how to make the cut off of hte largest size I can get make sense is not working.  Not too mention that an underwater mural will cost upwards of $1000 and still not cover the entire wall.... well just not happening.  So I am back to the paint-it-yourself technique using glaze to make the wall look like underwater and to embellish the rest of it with the 5 fish already existing and some sort of painted seaweed and coral possibility.  Enter in the chosen colors for the water look and the glaze and finding out that you can purchase color samples in QT containers.  So that is what I did.

now let's revisit the lamps.  oh, perhaps you have known me long enough to figure out my next statement.  As i do not have any scrap wallboard around to test the paint samples for the undersea project on, I'm thinking.... dh would interject "ut oh" at this point.  I'm thinking why not..... test the paint color samples of the undersea wall mural idea on the lamps?  Much smaller place to test.  Would give me a good idea of how long the glaze keeps the different areas wet for blending in the next color of paint.  And worse comes to worse?  I just sand them down a bit and spray the tomato red version of Krylon Fusion on them.  Well spray it on multiple times to cover up the undersea thing.

And what will tie in the lamps to the wall mural?  Why the decals i found online of fish!  And reasonable too.
For instance this sailfish  or this mahi mahi .  The first one is probably too large for the lamp perspective wise but also the lamps have a raised ridge that goes vertically which will be challenging to sticking a fish decal onto my undersea mural.  that raised ridge also had a great deal to do with my choosing to not turn them into lighthouses as I'd be battling the look of stripes over ridges not to mention bleedage of paint colors even when masked off.  So you see I've been busy creatively lately and in many different ways than in the past and enjoying this burst of creativity in my life once more.

Gosh not even a picture?  Okay I'll go find my favorite sunset picture from the spur of the moment MB trip and leave you drooling over that image.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-135 -The Grand Finale July 8, 2011

More later but for now some pics grabbed from the video I took.  suffice it to say the video needs some editing as i'm not a good camera holder type person!  If it will allow me to upload the 1 min 43 secs video i took i might put it up now and edit it later.  please note there IS more after it goes to just clouds as I try to find the shuttle again in the sky!

We got on this and rode for TWO hours to
NASA at Kennedy Space Center-All day they referred to it as KFC and I was getting hungry for some chicken and slaw!  After getting in the car for the long drive home I realized they were saying kSc which in retrospect makes lots more sense.  Gotta love our govt and its need for acronyms for everything.

We kept our eyes on this all through the day

and saw great hope in this 45 mins before launch time
After touring the rocket building and while son was in the very long lines (at least 4 of them no less tahn 30 people deep) we went and got our lunch from here
Then headed over to the perfect spot for viewing, at least what was left after people already had gotten the first few thousand perfect spots for viewing.
A peek through the trees where I wanted to be, but I admit they were right to not stay there to watch the launch
^ at 36 X wide angle zoom, i did not use the additional levels of digital zoom.  It sure was misty by the time you got that far away with the camera.

~Below is a quick sequence of pictures of the launch.  The video did not upload so I'll build an abbreviated version  in windows movie maker and upload that, hopefully with sound because that part was sooooo neat!

Everyone should have a grey shuttle launch after plume coming out of their grey haired head!
Best wishes crew of STS-135

A very special thank you to Astronaut Lodewijk Van Den Berg from STS-51B Space Shuttle flight 17 1985 for having us as his guests for this launch!  What an awesome sight to see!

You can see video of STS-135 here and of STS-51B here