Sunday, August 28, 2011

Making plans...

With the Labor Day weekend and our departure date to the MB condo just around the corner I am busily making plans for what we will be taking up in the truck.  Our truck, a Ford Ranger is not a very comfortable ride even just to my parent's house an hour and a quarter away.  So the 7 hours journey to MB is a horribly uncomfortable ride.   So I want to make sure we fit as much as we want to transport up there any time soon in this trip! 

We will be stopping at Ikea on Thursday to buy the three shelves, two which will be horizontally placed to become much needed benches and one 2 drawer insert and one 1 drawer insert to test out how they perform.

I need to sew the three cushion covers for the bench in the manly master bedroom and one leftover foam piece for the bench in the all-bed-bedroom. I need to paint and attach the two lampshades for the livingroom up there and clean up the acrylic bases to the lamp bases.  I need to find and pack my glue gun so I can glue on some seashells to the acrylic bases if I decide I like the looks of them.  I want to use shells collected on the beach there so I will be collecting, boiling and drying those up there, if I decide that is the way to go.

Around all of that will be the job search process, the house chores on thursday morning and packing for the trip.

Lots to do so I must be off to do it!

be safe, be dry, be happy

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