Monday, August 15, 2011

UPDATE: lamps

If I was a clever blogger I would be linking you to a previous post where I talked about the lamps I want to redo to put in the condo.  Well, they have been prepped and spray primer coated with XLM for over a week.  Now that dear son has moved i can refocus on those lamps.  Not too mention that we are tentatively planning a trip to MB for Labor Day weekend and already planning to take the truck IF we buy the IKEA shelves i fell in love with.  So that means preparing and packing and taking all that I can in this one truck trip!  The truck is NOT a comfortable ride and when we take my Miata there is just enough room for our two overhead luggage sized bags and well, us!

So today with a 50% chance of rain I dragged out the box of Sherwin-Williams paint samples I bought and the cutest little roller kits and some oddball artist paint brushes and then of course, the single section tv dinner / vegetable trays dh is forever holding on to... and then some very old yucky work clothes  and out to the magic plastic always-set-up-now folding table.
the before picture

And a few of the after shots today.  One picture is of the still mauve and very LARGE shades that I will need to do something with.  When I showed hubby tonight he just did not See it even though they were right in front of his nose.  But he did think to ask if I had anymore of that fabric left.  meaning the fish fabric i used to cover the two countertop bar stools I turned from being silver and black to white and oceanic!  and the last picture is from the internet and was the inspiration for the background colors used.  ignore the turtle and any other details in it and look only at the colors themselves.  those are what I hope to paint onto the large wall in the livingroom at the condo one day.  for now, I've had a good deal of fun playing with the paint and glaze and oh I took the leftover paints and looked around with brush and one of the five frozen veggie trays in my hand looking for a place to "use up the last of it so as not to be wasteful".  Ruling out the fence as more than dh could handle looking at.  Ruling out the wall of the house but oh so wistfully.  and then what did I spy but the above ground pool!  two of the many sections created by the support posts are now painted with the left over paint!  and I sprayed them with a VERY" quick coat of krylon clear glossy too!

the painters tape is still around the metal on the top portion and around the clear acrylic bases too.  just so you know.

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