Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Help! Perfect fabric mystery

Yesterday I posted about the bases being painted for the condo lamps.  this morning I went searching for the perfect fabric to redo the lampshades.  Well the ones I found with enough yardage did not go.  and the one absolutely perfect MADE for it i haev about 6" x 15" of it.  Certainly not enough to cover even one lampshade, let alone two.

I thought it was part of the Fossil Ferns line by Benartex but looking under current fabrics and not in the archive.

so please if you can tell me what the fabric is (on the bottom of the part hanging over the lampshade and not the National Parks -Everglades at the top of it) please let me know!  And if you have any please part with it!
It will go to a great cause... the condo lampshades redo cause.

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