Friday, August 12, 2011

U-Haul (picture intensive)

Yesterday Son and I went to pick up this in the early morning.

which he proceeded to load
 until the garage looked like this
and the truck looked like this

Note: the tubs and CA King mattress and box springs are not yet in the truck.  THey are still in the livingroom
and the diningroom   (the black tubs are his, the clear ones are my fabric and yarn cleared from the garage to make room for his "cube" area to store his stuff after he graduated and came here while he continued his search for a job)
the box springs are leaning against the wall but they were previously ontop of those totes with the mattress on top.  the table was moved back and forth in that small area as we ate at it or did not eat.  three chairs were in the kitchen at this point and one in the livingroom.
above just makes me think of "the princess and the pea" fairytale.

to fit our three vehicles and the Uhaul for the loading and overnighting we borrowed our wonderful neighbor Don's left portion of his driveway.
 the vette and miata are in the driveway temporarily like above while loading the truck.  after husband arrived home from work the car trailer was now at the uhaul place so they took the poor little Ford Ranger to pick it up AND they took the vette in case they could get it on there and trailer it home that way.  Which they did AFTER son had to remove the front portion of his vette!  The part that was always scraping our driveway.  Low profile vehicle takes on a whole new meaning when you deal with a '04 gorgeous vette.
sort of viewable in the above picture.  if you knew what it looked like normally (with that wind dam that goes to barely above the road) you'd realize he is indeed missing a portion of his car right now in order to get it to....
hmmm can't read it but he's headed to Maryland and on the side of the truck is the Chesapeake Bay "did you know".  How funny is that?
In order to prevent theft of truck, contents of truck, car and car dolly and contents of car. we parked like this

it takes a list like this (room by room and shed by shed) to help you recall where you've stashed everything in your parent's house in order to make it all fit in.
It takes a bag or two of snacks to get them through the estimated 20 hours or more drive.

And at 6:46AM -son, with husband helping, began their long drive to son's new job and apartment and the beginning of his career. They look like this pic below

and me?  well the waterworks and heavy sobbing began as the truck began the turn at the end of our street.  which by the way, is nigh unto impossible to take a picture of so i have nothing but moving tail lights
and here is a decent picture of the truck and the vette on the car trailer.

Fly high my dear son!  You worked hard to be to this point in your life and we wish you all the best that life has to offer you.  Explore.  Dream.  Achieve.  Enjoy.  Love.

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  1. Well, the silver lining to an empty nest is all the room you've got.
    Congrats to the fledgling! Hope it's a great job.