Saturday, November 5, 2011

top done! pics tomorrow

today i pieced together my Modern Christmas Tablerunner for the swap I am in.  It is even sandwiched!  though tonight i remembered an idea i had for the runner and i may take back that sandwich and do it the way i thought of a while back.  all this mystery :)  well more mystery as i took pics with the cell phone and i'm too lazy to go dig around for the adapter so i can put them on the computer.

for now i'm just happy to have the darn top part done! yea!  soon i will be able to move on to my 25 weeks Secret Santa Swap partner's gifties! and tuesday i finished neal's birthday present. the cover for his cushion at the condo.  more pictures need to be taken.

now i'm off for more inspiration so i can continue to quilt and sew!  it has been a very long dry spell!


  1. Well, waiting for pics of course! So happy that your dry spell has ended. Good for you and the cushion sounds nice too.

  2. Sounds like me. I can never find the adapter when I want to... Look forward to pictures...!