Monday, November 21, 2011

The problem in life is.....

The problem in life is for me anyway, that i want to do it all! I am not getting any younger.  Who is? and I find there are still many things I have not done or seen and I've come to the realization that I probably won't ever get to do half of them!  For instance, it recently dawned on me that I'd LOVE to go ziplining!  if that is the proper way to write that.  Anyway, how is that going to happen?  I am middle aged -and in 10 to 15 years i intend to STILL be middle aged- and well physically it might not be the best choice to go flying through the air and landing at a fast rate of speed with my knees acting as springs!

Beyond being  cough cough older than should possibly be zip lining anything other than hanging clothes out to dry, I'm not too sure on the height thing.  As I've gotten smarter in my old-ness I've learned that height can injure and inflict great pain upon ones body parts.  Not only that but I have also learned that it takes much longer for an injury to heal too.  Take a small mosquito bite.  It itches, I scratch.  It scabs, it heals.  It becomes a dark spot on my leg and forever forward that dark spot resides on my leg.  I envision the person doing the autopsy (I don't imagine I'll go just naturally in my sleep so an autopsy it will be!) saying subject had been bitten nine hundred and fifty two times in the past 20 years as evidenced by the varying sized dark spots on her legs. Not to be confused with the many dark-ISH spots on her forearms, shoulders and gosh is that a spot on her backside too?"

And being middle aged and oldish and creative I have traveled from my original thought process of this post.  I want to do it all! I want to swim with the dolphins! I want to hang glide from an awesome view height!   I want to zip line through a jungle and hear the gibbons in the tree tops as i go whizzing by!  But I think that I will settle for watching Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild channels on television as I sip a glass of sweet wine (which I watched on the making of wine and the hundreds of grape varietals on the History channel last evening) on television.  God Bless the inventor of high def television and those that made a big screen tv available at an affordable price in recent years.

Now i'm off to dream of walking on the beach in Mexico Beach where we plan to spend our long holiday weekend.  The only height i'll be enjoying there is our 2nd floor balcony at the condo and being some 10 feet above the water as I fish from the pier.

Have a safe holiday weekend and enjoy your friends and family- the true Blessings of Thankfulness this thanksgiving!

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  1. Oh, I don't know. I bet you could find a suitable zipline and you can always do a tandem flight on hanggliding or paragliding.
    Have a great holiday and happy fishing!