Thursday, July 15, 2010

a frame test for the hall/guest bathrrom at the condo

i bought a 1.99 frame from joann's along with 2 oz 89 cent paint and teal/washed the frame and got this.
i plan to use soemthing "sand" looking (possibly sand paper) for the insert and then glue on a shell we collected at mexico beach recently.  they get a lot of money for these types of things and i'll have done it for lots less AND have a shell we collected.  if it works out and looks nice when we go up there next i'll get a couple more frames and repeat the process.  the face cloth is one i keep here for the color choices. 

the wooden fish i got a few years back for free from someone at work and i thnk i'll paint it white and teal/wash it too to match to hang over the towel rack near the sink in the same bathroom

the pics!

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