Monday, August 22, 2005

July 30th

Got to meet up with Derek and Jen in Tampa before they went on a one week cruise with like 50 people they knew! wow! Had a great time and found out that Derek was going to propose to Jen on the trip. wooohoo! what great news that was. I'm so happy to say that she said yes and the date is set for next year hopefully August 12th but that is dependent on location availability.

Here is a picture of the happy couple. One of the last pictures of "the appendage" as her dad calls him and the "girlfriend" before they changed their nicknames to "FIANCEE'"
And I know your eyes are closed in this one Jen but I have to include it because of the loving look that Derek is giving you in this picture. Or should it be more of a "possesive" look? Either way I like the look.

Love and hugs for you both and welcome to the family. Raising a glass and toasting your engagement,

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