Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dear Jane Meet-up in Kissimmee June 10th


Liz Gray. Denise Oldham, Janet in FL - Annemiek, Denise/deBrat, Robert - Linda Smith, Irene Watson, Annemiek


Annemiek and her DJ blocks

Denise Oldham's Dear Jane, all the bits were there but the photographer (me) did a poor job of it.

Janet in FL's dear jane laid out on the flannel backed tablecloth she used to transport it. Clever girl.

Please forgive me, in my excitment of actually seeing the quilts and people i did nto take enough pictures. I missed Linda Smith's blocks, Liz Gray's blocks and neglected to get Irene's Sailor Jane pictured again. I'll have to dig about to see if I can find the picture from the last get together with her in Kissimmee.

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