Monday, May 21, 2007

quilt strings, coasters and heart ache

this may be a repeat of another post or part of a post but just in case i have not done so yet i am copying and pasting this here, yet again. thanks for your patience to any who read this. ~denise

15 minutes today
today i spent a bit more than just 15 minutes taking the leftoverstrings from the quilt top we made for joanna 2 saturdays ago andturning them into the 5" squares. heartstrings style. i will thentake some of the fabric from my stash that matches the fabric used inher quilt and turn them into coasters. i will quilt them with asingle heart shape and sign them on the back with her name and thedates and "friend of my heart"these will be presented to the women who worked on the quilt forjoanna and to her mother. if i have enough strings from the fabricused in the quilt i will give themTom, her husband, to be distributed to whoever he sees fit.thamnk you for listening to me once again about how much i loved mydear friend and how horribly my heart aches knowing i will neveranswer my phone to hear her say "hello, friend."stashbusting hugsdenise/deBRAT in windy and coolish today floridaoh and i updated my quilting blog today too with copies of my variousposts about joanna so i do not lose that info over time. i hope tohave enough composure to look on my camera memory disks this week forsome pictures i suspect are still on there

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