Monday, July 9, 2007

yellow skirt finished! (title added on april 19, 2011)

hmmm no ability to click in the Title space so this post will be title-less?

oh well, the long awaited picture of the Stashbusting YELLOW skirt is here! it is such a happy skirt. I wore it to the dinner for my dear friend Joanna's b'day party, 5 days after her death. I wore it to the local, non-traditional memorial service on June 3rd 15 days after her death, and numerous other days... including today. This morning dh (dear husband) was awake and up and about this morning so I had him take a picture with the phone camera and here it is!!!

wow! the walls we just painted in the kitchen are sooo bright that my white on top, yellow on the bottom shell top appears beyond-white-white! and you can see my barefeet. glad the trashcan appears mostly empty! do not mind the over-tired-workworn-sleep-deprived woman wearing the skirt... don't look above the skirt teehee!

it is 6 tiers of various fabrics and I can't wait to have time to make another skirt from my stash! I want to make a purple one, and a purple top for my b'day in october. I will be official red-hatter age on the 19th of October and I can hardly wait for it to get here! but i have so much to make before then that I will not rush it along. now to see if i have any purple stash left. i used a lot of different bits for a 3 1/2" nine patch block swap (on block_swappers list) recently and i'm hoping that I can salvage enough from that bin of fabrics to make the skirt and top from. in any event, here is the skirt and hope you like it!

denise/deBRAT-jane off work today at 2 pm to go celebrate my step-dad's 84th b'day at Red Lobster for dinner tonight. can you say, cheesey biscuits? yummmmmmmm


  1. Gorgeous skirt! I ignored the woman above the skirt.

  2. A happy sunshine skirt. Congrats on making it from stash :)