Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The AFTER pictures of the sewing room RE-do

The AFTER Pics!

Well, the mid-way to temporary guest room pics. i will move the sewing cabinet and teh cutting table back under the window against the wall so the room will accomodate a twin air mattress for my brother's visit. After he leaves it will go back to a sewing room with the machine and cutting table facing each other in the center of the wall/window/room. why i did not think of that arrangement in all these 20 years of being there, i haven't a clue!

Yes, there are still a LOT of things hanging around and stuck on shelves, but it so much better than before. Trust me! And the floor I actually have a floor in that room. Not a deep hole all the way to China.

My cutting table is made from two Lowe's ventilated basket shelves with 4 or 5 drawers each. On top of them is a piece of laminate board that is 24" x 48" in length. the cutting mat is the largest size i can fit on top of that size board. One of these days I'm going to go back to Lowe's and see if they still sell the wheels to put under the shelving basket units. it would make them about 6" higher and so much easier on my back. But then, I'd have to figure out what to do when quilting a large quilt. see below.

With the sewing machine cabinet facing the cutting table and being withing 1/4" of each other in the "same height" it is suppose to make it much easier to quilt on a regular 'ole machine. Tomorrow night I will test that theory on a t-shirt quilt that is 67" x 88". I'm sure hoping this works/helps etc.

Once my company is gone from the house I'm going to see if there will be enough room to set up the ironing board at the end of the cutting table/sewing machine cabinet area and move the set the iron up on the fold down portion of the dark brown shelving unit shown in the before pictures. then i will not be warping my cutting mat, burning myself while cutting and so on and so on while working in the room.

Now that I have commited this to "paper" I'm hoping I will stick with the clean room and actually make some progress on using up some of my stash.

there is a mid-sized list of quilts that need to be done first and then I can begin making them for my side of the family and then I can start just making them because i want to do "that" pattern, or use up "that" stash. Won't this be fun?

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  1. Wow! What a difference. I bet you are feeling really well and producing many quilty things from this room. Thanmks for stopping by and offering friendship and condolances. It's appreciated. Jane