Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jordan & Nicole's Wedding Weekend Pics

So the wedding day finally arrived and here are a few pics.
Rehersal Dinner Friday night.
Tyring to take a pic of us together on one of our walks on the beach.

Everyone has to take the obilgatory picture of a pile of tiny wet seashells on the sea shore. I decided our feet needed to be in this pic. If we were sending postcards I think this would have been the one to send!

Neal decided we should go on a boat ride some time between the wedding day breakfast and the wedding itself. so the only one about to leave the dock and the time we went looking was the "screamer" it was 20' wide by 60'+ long. we did see some dolphin but i've seen those close up in Panama City Beach with Ed on his boat so there was no need to go climbing all over people to see them. Just sit back and relax!

this is the view from our 7th floor (of 9) window to the left from our balcony of the marina

And this is the view to the right of Pier 60. It is zoomed in at this point to get the "better" picture. I decided not to post the one for the actual distance effect.

And Neal in his spiffy new suit and Denise in her "goddess" dress you have all heard so much about, including seeing pics of it. and yes, it did fit even better because I had lost at least 5 pounds more since we bought it. :)

Nicole being lifted in her chair. i've forgotten the "traditional" name the DJ said when this began. "Just like in the movies" How cool was this to see? VERY!

Jordan being held up in his chair, yes, that is Neal helping out. Why do you think I took the picture? ;)

Okay so these are 4 of our "Table One" companions at the reception. And those of us who were there need not say any more ROFLOL!

From left; Bobby, Karen, Uncle Butch, Dan
A good time was had by all.... all weekend long... and Neal and I are sure glad we took Monday off. We needed it to recoup!

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