Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Look what I found!

Or rather what found me :)  I recently sold my beloved Sonata spinning wheel.  I promised myself that if I sold it and got what I thought was a very fair price I would buy something for the backing for the twins' quilts.  I really could not justify the absolutely perfectly stunning city girl large print in chocolate and pink at $8.95 / yd and needing to back two quilts so I waited. and what fell into my inbox but a sale for Quilt in a day!  I bought 5 yards of the green all that was available, and also all that they had of the dots, 2 yards.  i had ordered another one that got along colorwise for the backing also but it must have sold out before my order as it was not in the package, and a refund was on my debit card :(

so THIS absolutely perfect backing fabrics are what I splurged on!
I feel so in love with it I hope there is enough to make tiny pillows for the girls.


  1. Well geez, it's no wonder you haven't been visiting with all that's going on! Congrats on the Mexico Beach condo and those quilted fish, AMAZING! The fabric for the twin quilts is just perfect. Love it. I hope you still have at least one spinning wheel in hand still!

  2. alas, no spinning wheel at all. Maybe again some day. Thanks for the congrats we are ecstatic over the opportunity to vacation there currently and retire there future-ly.