Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to the "southern" home :(

It is always sad leaving our "northern" home in Mexico Beach and traveling back to our more everyday lives, but it just means we are one more vacation trip closer to retirement and permanent residence in MB.

I did get to fish again on Saturday while Neal chose to make a wal-mart run for water and damp-rid and other assorted-neverending-items for the condo life.

I caught more grunts/baitfish, choffers as they call them up here, on Saturday then the day before and much fewer spade fish.  I got a wee bit hopeful for a larger fish when I started to get spade fish instead of choffers as that was what I was pulling in so much of on Friday before I caught the pompanos and that huge black drum fish.

A nice sized "mystery" fish was caught about the same time tidally as the day before for my good/big fish on Friday.  the mystery fish turns out to be a blue fish.  It swam about like a spanish mackeral and yet it was not a mackeral.
 a croaker, the only one I caught this trip.
a puffer fish's belly.  he was all blown up and then deflated by spitting out water!  why did i think they filled themselves with air?

 from the top he has some oddball spots looking like eyes?
 if at first you don't succeed in a good picture try from the side! silly puffer fish would not cooperate with getting a good picture. 
 awwww finally, the blue fish! Note the 10" in length cheap green water shoes for perspective.
I have got to learn to turn the fish across the width of the boards for a better measurement view cheat.  Of course, then I'd have to remember to measure the boards and the average gap measurement too.  Might be easier to just buy a fishing measuring tape to use!  Or at least get some prettier shoes.  Perhaps in a hot pink or limey green?
 hello fishey hope you enjoyed that you went back into the water to be caught another day.
and a hand-sized spade fish!
and below is the result of trying to take a picture of a flipping blue fish.  literally flipping and flopping about.  when i discovered i was using the video on the camera rather than snapping pics I went for it as it was actually holding still better than when i was snapping pics!


  1. all of my fish go back in the "drink" unless i am low on bait and i get a "cut-bait" fish to replenish.
    i do not eat much fish, nor does my dh so i am happy to send them back to their watery home to catch another day. seems cruel to fish for the sport of it, but i enjoy it so very much i can't imagine giving it up just because i don't really eat them. is that what you were asking?