Friday, June 17, 2011


A while back I put the Psalm of the day link on my blog.  Today's Psalm is :

"Psalm for the Day"
I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.
Did you know?  Every time you go to my blog a new Psalm of the Day shows up?  Even when it is several times in a day.  Pretty neat, eh?
 Today I made my list of tasks.  Chores.  Projects.  Whatever they are called they are numerous and I need to work at several of them every day or at least several days a week so they will be completed.  Here is a sampling of a project, chore, task on the list.
Weeding the lawn
Wii Fit Plus -stepping!
VHS to dvd- Caelum's growing up tapes
you get the picture I'm sure and perhaps you feel the pain.  Let me challenge you to make a list of tasks, projects, chores call them what you may of your very own and all you have to do is put a check mark next to that row item in today's column.
Have questions?  Ask away I'm the queen of answering questions.  How many persons let go from their job answer emails from the old employer, and promptly?  Guess just proves how much of an oddball I am and another reason why I did not "fit" there.
now i'm off to turn on the Wii and do some steppin' class.  then it will be weeding the lawn with a cool down in the pool withOUT my cell phone on my bathing suit bottom while I read a book.
Have a grand and glorious day!  No matter what occurs today it is YOUR day and you shall be glad in it.  Not quiet the verse at all but you get the idea.
denise/deBRAT in hot hot hot FL 

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  1. Let me mean you will not have your cell phone...but you WILL have your bathing suit bottom? Or WITHOUT your cell phone AND bathing suit bottom? :)

    Actually, I am one of those odd people who answered emails promptly from their old employers. I guess we are both the odd balls. Even though I am ticked off at my previous employer, I feel my previous clients should not have to suffer.

    Enjoy your day!!
    Deb from