Sunday, June 5, 2005

Key West Vacation 2005

We went to Key West again this year on vacation. As Caelum, will be a senior in High School next year we let him pick, either Key West again or Panama City Beach again. Sorry Ed, he chose Key West.

So on vacation, it rained! and rained and rained some more.. Captain Ron of Captain Ron's Island Tours. Well I can't find his website right now. His tours go out of Stock Island and we had the best time! he even picked us up at our hotel and we ended our long tour/snorkeling trip around Key West with a complimentary Margarita! For those concerned, and a coke for my son. Captain Ron says they lose an average of 100 days a year to weather. I think they were getting them all in a row while we were there and the week coming up looked worse!

Each of us gets to "pick" something to do while we are there. Neal (husband) chose jet ski tour. Denise got to do the finding of the best deal in the coupon book. As you can see in the paragraph above the Margarita and pickup and return were a big deal to me. If it is free it is for me! Oh and by the way, I actually chose what turned out to be the cheapest tour too! Complete with personal service as we were the only ones there. How cool was that? Very, let me tell you.

This was the first time I had been on one of the jet ski tours (Neal and Caelum had done similar tours in Panama City Beach(2003) and Islamorado (2004) and after the initial 15 minutes of death gripping around dh's waist (which is too large to hug so I had to find a "purchase" on his life vest) I started to nearly enjoy the tour. Then we stopped. oh stopped is a good thing. The best picture taken of me in Key West is on the jet ski at rest. I'm smiling because we are not moving.... fast!

so anyway, we stopped at an abandoned submarine base in one of the parking spots for a submarine and it was spooky looking right next to the shore. all the mangroves had taken over and you cannot remove mangroves in Florida (at least that is what I remember) and growing all over the mangrove roots was some slimy, billowing in the slight waves scarey looking stuff that I did NOT want to touch me. So I decide I will not be a chicken and I get in the water.

For those of you unfamiliar with me and past snorkeling attempts I .... well I... panic. I start to hyperventilate and get ahold of the nearest human being and put the death hand clench on their arm! Caelum was however really kind and considerate and helped me into the water and tried to tell me it was not so bad.

So I decide I'll look away from the edge of this thing and eeeek! the other way is pitch dark! It is, according to Captain Ron, 19 feet deep there in the parking slot (not his term, but mine) and you can't see a damn thing! So to the back of me is the slimy, wavy, billowy scarey stuff hanging off the mangroves and to the front of me is the dark SPOOKY looking deep DEEP water!

"I have to get OUT. I want OUT. I watched too much scarey sci-fi channel movies this weekend I want OUT!" So Neal (dh) gets on the seadoo we were on together, and I might add in such a confoluted way that even Captain Ron said he never saw anyone get back on it quite that way before. LOL Then Neal (son N Caelum) tries to help me from the backside. I have a lot of backside to push against teehee. I mange to very graciously get back on that thing. I'm motivated don't you know? I have the spooky dark behind me where any minute something LARGE is bound to come up out of it. Can you say pending heart attack? And of course, if I move about too much I'll end up on the side of the wall pinned between the seadoo and the slimy, wavy, billowy, nasty, scarey stuff!. up I went! ah dry seadoo again. could have kissed it if the vest would have let me fold over to reach any portion of it besides with my behind.

Well I'll take a break here so You can get some pictures to view for a bit. Afterall, we know it is all about the picture part of the book, right?

more soon,

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