Thursday, April 6, 2006

April 6th, 5th, and 4th read it from the bottom up!

Today is April 6th and I am once again working on the triangle. I have put on pieced 75-81 this morning and will work on it again right after I post this. I'll take the picture of the progress when I get home and see about posting it either tonight or tomorrow. It is nearly time to make a decision regarding the quilting on this. I think I am due for a trip to JoAnn's to buy a very high loft polyester batting to use for the trapunto portions. The Thermore brand I generally use is so thin (1/16th of an inch thick) that it would take layers and layers of it to make the trapunto areas puffy enough. I am also, now leaning towards using just plain white muslin on the backing. After all if I am going to do all of that work of hand quilting it and designing trapunto areas I really want it to show on the back side well!

I went to work on the triangle on the 5th and the next piece was a green! Alas, I did not have any green fabrics with me. As it turns out the next piece was not green but part of the lotus blossom and it would have been a shade of purple, lavendar, lilac..... sigh. I ended up knitting on some of the soap socks for the Christmas Spa baskets. So progress was made on something, just not on the wedding quilt this day. And this is what the second triangle looks like after pieces 69-74 are added in 1 1/4 hours on April 4th. Also, you can see the difference in the picture from taking it in full light versus how I usually take it... Lying on the floor in the dining room with a flash.

Progress after 3 1/2 hours on April 3rd pieces 57-68. I am beginning to see some real hope on finishing this thing some time in the future. Yea!

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