Friday, April 28, 2006

"Cheer Up Winnie" quilt project progress- 1st blocks arrive!

Yesterday, April 27th the first block arrived for my dear friend Winnie's "cheer up" quilt. Winnie had major surgery April, 19th and was to get out of ICU yesterday. Dear Jane friends from several "lists" are mailing blocks of any size to me to make into the quilt for Winnie. You can see her website here Winnie wrote the Tidbits to the main dear jane list ( and they were enjoyed by many. Maybe when she is feeling back up to snuff (just WHAT does that mean anyway?) she could post some Tidbits again? Anyway, here are the first blocks to arrive.

Connie Ross' was the first to arrive ( the applique'd cat)

Janet Rausch's KITE arrived today! Wow how cool is that she sent a kite!

Claudia sent a "poof" block which she reverse applique'd an area in the center to use as a siggie section and then pigma penned some lovely flower accents around the outside of it. I can hardly wait to see what block arrive next! CORRECTION: Claudia sent a Hannah Lou's Hearts block! In my defense "my" poof block is not the "right" way so I made a big mistake. So apologies to Claudia for messing up her block's name and now I will try once again to load the pics. I tried three times when I initially did this post. so here goes again! NOTE: 5/3/06 trying yet aaaaa gain to upload these pics. here's hoping!

Thank you for reading and thank you for participating in this project for Winnie who is so dear to my heart!

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