Friday, August 4, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Soap Pictures!

Hey all,

Here is a picture of the Thanksgiving Day Soap after it has been made and cut since July 26th. This AM I cut a bar into 3 samples and look at the cool coloring it currently has. It is in the bottom right of the picture.

To the left, in a flower shape, is my peppermint EO salt soap cut into thick sticks with a clear and melt overpour with Rosemary EO that has the claim to fame of being my first (and only) bar of soap sold! Woohoo! I'm framing one of the dollars she paid me with :)

To the upper portion the pink rectangle is the BUS peppermint EO Salt Soap in its original form. Too ugly to send off as part of the swap but too wonderful to pitch and way too hard to rebatch, plus all that salt in there..... did not want that just melting away to nothingness.... so Anhoki/Angela suggested the melt and pour over pour. Of course, as I march to the beat of my own stubborn drummer, I should tell you that Anhoki/Angela made that suggestion after the first batch failed. I, my non-listening self, managed to foul up several more batches before officially panicing about the impending arrival date deadline and doing the resulting overpour. by the way, it is one of the few soaps I put the WHOLE bar into my own shower.... smile.... but by far my two favorite soaps are the peppermint salt, ugly though it may be and the Thanksgiving Day soap... now to experience the adventure of trying to re-create the same recipe (yes, I kept notes) and getting the same results!

Okay, you have waited long enough for the picture!

hugs and happy soaping adventures,

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