Saturday, July 29, 2006

I have a dress for the wedding!

I got my dress for the wedding today and it was permanent marked down AND on sale for 30% off too! Not only that, but I managed to get shoes that go with it and have tiny heels so I can maybe wear them the whole night. Here are pics of the dress with the "mother of the groom" jacket and without it and the tops of the shoes and the sides of the shoes. It is indeed my "Ultimate-Mother-of-the-Groom" dress... sigh... it is done.

I'm so VERY excited to have this done. now to upload pics and call Jen to check them out!

yea all I need is a purse/clutch and even that I can do without... that is what dh's inside pockets of his suit are for, right?

hugs all may you all be this happy this weekend...

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