Sunday, July 16, 2006

North Florida Crafters 2nd Annual Gathering

I did not take many pictures but here are a few I managed to take. If others took pictures and have shared them online I'll post a link here if you'd like. Also, some of the names I do not know please feel free to tell me so i can identify everyone here.

Tammy mixing up the hair mud for the demo. This is after the 1 hour powerpoint show of information on the Dead Sea and the products she makes from the imported minerals. It is hard to make out but she is wearing a leopard or cheetah patterned material apron. It is a fancy as her outfit LOL

Judi in Jax, Lori ( OcalaKelly

Vendor: Alabaster products/table in the background.

I literally ran into this woman several times before taking her picture. She is opening her swap goody box. I was so busy apologizing for cutting in front of her and her friend I never got her name. My only defense is I get so focused some times I just blunder forth and miss everything around me. I'm so sorry, again. Would you please provide your name? [according to Ocala Kelly this is Sylvia. She had a wonderful olive oil and jasmine soap in the swap. :-)]

Hmmm I should know who the guy in the background is but I don't recall his name. Anyone?

Ocala Kelly with her tart warmer/burner from Cheri in the swap goody box. She is wearing her new shirt from the mall visit the day before.[I stand corrected that is not kelly's new shirt she wore the new shirt after the hair mud treatment.] Kelly's dh and two sons were there. They had all gone to the museum and the mall on Friday and the boys wanted to go back again on Saturday. To both the mall and the museum.

I am sorry I did not take more pictures. But the camera is a heavy one and I tend to get so "focused" on taking pictures I miss out on what is actually happening. Sometimes you have to choose in life and of course while I was there choosing to watch, listen and LEARN seemed good but now that I'm home I'm so sorry I did not take pictures. I think Trish took tons of pics perhaps she'll share some for me to post here?


  1. The lady in the middle of the second photo is Lori ( She and I split one 35# container of RBO. In the next photo, that's Sylvia. She had a wonderful olive oil and jasmine soap in the swap. :-) That one of me holding Cherie's tart burner, that wasn't my new shirt. I put on the new shirt after the hair mud. Very nice photos.

  2. Great job, I love seeing these!!! I really like being able to put who belongs to what from the swap boxes!!

  3. Great Pictures!!! I am the one that you supposedly ran into. I'm Sylvia from Lakeland and was there with my sister Stacy. We enjoyed oursleves immensely and came home iwth some great ideas! I made four batches in one day thanks to the tip I learned. I learned that the lye and oils can be any warm or lukewoarm temperature as long as they are the same temp. This will change and revolutionize how long it takes me. The only hold up I will have are the number of molds I can fill up in a day!!! I am so excited. I was "mint" to be there!