Sunday, July 16, 2006

Saturday Night Facial Party

I thought we had a picture of some of the "in the bar" facial people but it must not have been with my camera? Anyway here is a facial picture or two or three. Probably more than you would like to see...
I am convinced that "criminals" are forced to take pictures of themselves in mirrors in order to get the proper "mug shot" for the record. Awful pic BUT both my eyes are open?

Oh, this is the microdermabrasion type product we used after we washed our face with a liquid mud soap. Something about mud and soap... what is the word? oxymoron?

PLEASE, remind me NOT to take pictures of myself to market MY products. This looks like caption should be "died with mask on" The only thing missing is the satin interior and the lily.

Okay so she/me is so happy because I've been resurrected? Still a frightening sight in my opinion. Oh and the white spot you keep seeing on my cheek is really white. I have others too. It is some chemical thing going on. Tammy of can tell you better what it is.

Hope you enjoyed visiting the facial pics,

Soapy muddy hugs

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