Friday, July 28, 2006

The most amazing soaping adventure happened today.....

This is just so cool ... today i brought to work some of my 40 oz of lotion i made last night after my massage therapist was at the house.... and i gave a few away.... i had met this nice lady in the parking lot one day who had made homemade baklava and I was a GOOD girl and did not have any..... i had knocked on her door yesterday (everything is protected by a swipe card in this building so i can't just get into the area she works in) there was no answer and i had so wanted to give her a couple of pieces of soap, the new Thanksgiving Day and the Rosemary's Mint soap.... but alas, when she did not answer it was not long before someone else came along needing a little brightening in their day.... so today i run into her in the hallway and think ahha i have lotion in the cubible still.... I'll give some to Margareda.... and can you believe this woman makes her own lotions, soaps etc!!!!!
just down the hallway from the lab i work in. She wanted info on making her own perfume and i gave her a quick answer but i will refer her to some of these lists... she is working on her dissertation so doubt she can read many but oh my gosh!!! right down the hallway from me is another soaper/bath and body products-maker!!!
Now tell me ladies what can be depressing about this? You would think nothing... but ... BUT... we just had gathering adn I was trying in the worst way to GIVE away the other bed in my room and have someone ride up with me.... see? now THAT is depressing. BUT I will go forward and hope that she is not in the end stages of her dissertation, eh? wink

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