Sunday, July 16, 2006

Salt soap.. but Where's the Salt?

Alright it is just not fair to have thing after thing go wrong with my soap. don't get me wrong, I have lovely, useable soap from today's rebatch but now there is like NO salt feel to my soap. I suspect that the clear melt and pour melted my salt in the white rebatch and then i think the dead sea salts melted away in the M/P too. So I wonder if I technically have salt soap for a salt swap?

I hate to rebatch this again, but I can't make another batch in time to mail out. If I rebatch it, yet again, and add more salt to it, how do I prevent it from dissolving again?

on an UP note.... it smells divinely. It lathers nicely. It feels good on my skin while I use it. So it IS soap.... but is it salt soap?

Sigh..... I can't do anything easy

Oh and here are the pics!!!

the soap fresh out of my silicone line mold from upland. I'm going to love this mold... now to buy a cutter that will cut it..g. I had to use our big knife to cut it. the wavy cutter would not have gone through this without making a knobby mess every 6" or 7 ". Anyway here it is turned upside down from the mold.

Here are the cut bars. Not one bar is the same size or weight as another bar. they range from 3 1/4 oz all the way to 5 1/2 oz I guess the salt is in there somewhere, eh?

So they are interesting and I can't wait to decide what to do with them. Perhaps I should make a little baggie of peppermint bath salts to send with the soap for the swap? Would that be a good peace offering?

Let me know what you think! That is what the comments box is for.... lots and loads of hugs

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