Sunday, July 16, 2006

My outdoor soaping station and the pool progress

More Pics, because we know it is all about the pics :)
Here is my table set up with the crockpot, new Upland mold. see the orange electric plug?

Here is my new Upland 12 bar mold. It has a silicone insert and I chose to get it with the cutting lines on it as I do not have anything to cut my soap with yet exept my wavy Pampered Chef cutter.

And here is the edge of the pool. Hubby took all of these metal parts off when he changed the liner. These are what he was painting with primer in my soaping spot yesterday!!! The grey part is dh's idea of making the pool not look dirty because he painted on the grey so the dirt would not show too much? You got me.... he lost me at making it look dirty all the time so dirt would not show....

and now i have just finished eating a cheap Publix brand dill pickle. It smelled like a pickle but tasted like the peppermint EO smelled.... hmmmmm not a good idea to eat something that smells like that peppermint stuff? I checked my hands and they don't smell of peppermint....

okay until the next set of pics comes my way this is it.... going to go check on my rebatched soap....

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