Saturday, July 15, 2006

The beginning of the Bath & Body Adventure

Well this is really only the beginning of the blog portion of the Bath & Body. So let's go through today's B & B adventure..... I was to make soap. I long to make soap. It has been been 10 days since I last made soap. As much as it did not turn out in the manner I would have liked, I still got to make soap. Soaping is an addiction beyond any other crafting/selling/teaching I have done.

So back to the actual soaping. t he Soaping that did not happen. I asked dh (dear hubby) to please take my folding table outside so I could make soap today at his convenience. Well, when I went like an hour later to see if it had been convenient yet what do my horrified eyes do i see? But a ladder and pool pieces reeking of nasty primer paint where my table should be. eeeek!

DH is working on rebuilding most of our above ground pool since thursday and today was the priming with nasty smelling stuff day... sigh... no soaping going on in this yard today. So on to plan B!

Plan B turned out to be making lotion! I was waiting to make this recipe from an online class in one of my soaping groups until I got back from the North Florida Crafters 2nd Annual Gathering last Saturday (07/08/06) where I got the specific to make lotion ingredients, along with TONS of other supplies. So I mix up this 20oz batch of LOVELY white lotion and split it out and scent it with a Raspberry Scent and a cool Coconut smell in the other half. I wiped the emptied bowls out with my fingers and put it on me. I smell like a coconut covered raspberry right now. I'd be a great frozen beverage with ice and rum or vodka.

So after the Ten 2 0z lotion bottles are full and the clean up is done I realise that the ladder and pool parts have not made any progress out of my outdoor soaping area so I start on Plan C.

Plan C is to make bath bombs and I just so happened to stop by my local grocery market to get one of the ingredients I still needed last night. So I was soooo ready to create some more Bath de-LIGHTS. I made a bodacious bath round to go with the Raspberry Lotion and then I made some Coconut Bath Salts to... you guessed it... match up with the Coconut Lotion. The Raspberry one is just so light and playful in scent and the Coconut makes me think I'm at the beach without the gritty sand to wash off later, eh?

So now I better get to work on labels for these products because I know they are not going to last for Christmas gifts!

May each of you be surrounded by those you love today and every day!


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  1. I am enjoying your Blog Denise! Keep it coming. Hugs, Cherrie