Sunday, July 16, 2006

More pictures from Gathering!

Thanks to Judi in Jax I have a pic of the "bar" facial people.

I have now uploaded the bar pic four times. I am just going to take where it lands because every time i try to move it I delete it and have to re upload it. geeesh
Left to right front: judi in jax,Millie, Amber, Wayne
Back oh shoot Dan/daniel I think and I forget oh-miss-quiet-ones name... help me fill in the blanks pretty please?

and a pic of Sindy and her swirled cold process (then she put it in the car so we could see it done) soap demo

Left to right front of pic but back of heads: Ocala Kelly, deBrat
Back with full bodies LOL: Sindy, ??? , Joanne
see the neon powered colors on the table next to Kelly's head? See that pitcher of bright pink? She will pour that from a very high height! oh brave one.... I want to make soap like yours!

And that has to be Trish and her camera off to the left there..... I'm knitting that is why I am not looking up at that time.

more pics coming


  1. That looks like Omi standing in the lime green shirt......Jo Ann

  2. Oh, I think your miss quiet one is Linda, Daniel's lovely wife. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.