Friday, July 21, 2006

Soaping: It is always an Adventure

So last night on the way home from work I remembered to stop at our local Ace Hardware store and see if I could get a soap cutter. Now "remembered" is an important word in the first statement because my memory is not what it used to be and even worse if you ask my husband. So I walk up to the cleark (very nice at least 10-15 years older than me deBrat=48 currently) and try to describe to her that I wish to purchase a tool that has a metal blade about this long or longer and is strong enough to cut through soap... and it is what a soapmaker uses to cut their soap .... but I don't remember what they were calling the ones they were buying in "hardware" stores for lots less than those marketed for "actual" soap cutting use. Nice clerk has no clue what I'm describing but kindly walkie talkies someone else and asks. I felt like I could hear the guy chuckling silently in his head as to how will he answer this question tactfully fully knowing that I am standing right there able to hear his answer.

He has no clue either... so I say okay i'll walk up and down the aisles but I have another question. Do you carry lye? Grandma's lye soap? yes, its right over there.... in the meantime the man on the other end of the walkie talkie has walked up and now I follow him down the aisle with the Lye for soap. My words.... turns out they had some soap there... nope I'm going to get lye to MAKE my own soap. Oh that would be in the plumbing aisle... okay. So I walk over there and as he has nothing more interesting to do so he follows/escorts me to the plumbing section. Needless to say they did not have Roebic's and nothing else qualified as 100% sodium hydroxide........ to be continued

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