Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ooops missed these pics from NFC Gathering 2006

Oops I missed these pics in the camera and I took the soap and lotion ones today just to post for your look-see.

This is what shea butter looks like after riding in the back window of the car for 5 hours and then being in the a/c of the house for a couple of hours. It is just starting to get smooshie again instead of a pure liquid. That butter has been whipped up by hand with a fragrance, rosemary perhaps? and it sits in the bathroom waiting for me to check it out and see what if anything, i wish to do to it next.

My foot after the Dead Sea Salts bath soaking story. It is hard to see how red my foot actually is because the flash reflected off of my foot. dang flash it won't behave on this camera. i am always holding it down while taking a picture.... i need to take a class in photography but truly just want to learn how to use my Nikon 8700.

The soap that Sindy made in her Cold Process swirls demo. Talk about going forth fearlessly! That woman is nuts. The color is not quite as bright as in the bags but it stayed much brighter than I was thinking from the description she was giving about "fade". it too smell wonderful. the colors are Neon: orange for the base, pink and green for the swirl. Paige sold out of her neon colors before that demo. Gum package for size reference.

My first lotion! those are lovely 2 oz bottles judi in jax so kindly sold me at the Gathering so i could make my lotion AND bottle it LOL. The black lids are NOT on them. the coconut is on the left and that is the 5th bottle that did not quite fill all the way. My tester bottles both of these. The raspberry is on the right. Gum package for size reference.
It is too bad you cannot feel or smell these lotions they are WONDERFUL!

I am so happy to have something go so right my first time of making it. Of course, some of my happiness could be from the fact that I planned to make soap yesterday and my outdoor area was "taken" up by the pool project my dh is working on for 5 days so, I made lotion and bath bombs and bath salts instead. I had not soaked in the tub before I started buying Dead Sea Salts and making bath bombs and bath salts.

Now to work on a name and labeling. Oh so much to do and the weekend runneth out already :(

lator gators,

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