Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yet another soaping day/night

Tonight I made soap! I made soap in honor of my mom's 69th birthday. It is crockpot soap with 100% carrot juice I got at work today as part of the liquid. They were donated to us at the college by someone who must represent . And I used the Pumpkin Pie Spice I got from Debbie @ and Lordy it smells like I baked a pie! Well, more appropriately like someone else who cooks well baked a pie... mine always have that hint of burnt something fragrance about them....

Anyway, I cooked it the way Cheri told me on the phone the other night that she does hers in the crockpot. I let it roll over to the center three times though because it reached the center each time without being completely all around the edges to the center. Cheri says she lets it roll twice. I guess it is soap.

Hubby is away and I had left a message for him to call me about a phone call he got that needed to be returned in a timely manner.... yup... you got it... he called when it was all done and 1/2 of the 12 bar slab mold was filled already! Sure hope that it survives the less than "all-at-once" pour.

I have pictures so here you are you patient people!

soapy hugs


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  1. hahaha, I love reading your posts.. So I was doubly thrilled to read my name in your writings... How did that batch turn out anyways? I have really been out of the loop lately as far as making soap.. I need some oils, LOL.. But I want to get motivated again to making it again,