Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Packed Miata Pictures

Here are the pictures of the Miata packed for returning from the NFC 2nd Annual Gathering in Tallahassee on July 8th, 2006. I won't tell you how many dollars it takes to fill a Miata but I might mention how much of some things are in there.

You may have read that Cherie and Frank could not go to the Gathering and so they met me at the outlet for Russell Stover in Wildwood so I could on the way "up" to the Gathering pick up their swap items.... and on the way back to give them their swapped out goodies, their purchase from Rainee and their goodie bags and door prizes.

The only way this would work is if A) my suitcase would fit between the front seat and the glovebox AND B) the three 35# boxes of oils would fit in the trunk.

As you can see I did pack the right suitcase and it fits neatly between the seat and the glovebox. In the front passenger seat you see Cherie's order box (square, which containes their door prizes and some of their goody bag items as there was room in it and so little room in my car) her swap box(short end of the rectangel)my suitcase, 1 gal of castor oil and out of view are the two heavy goody bags with some from the other bag stuck in them too for Frank and Cherie. On top of that list is my cooler, my bag with my knitting supplies in it, the camera case and then on top of that is the very old very light weight folding luggage rolling thingy. The luggage thing went behind my seat for driving.

This is looking into my back window. This has the chocolate from Russell Stover that I did not sell while at Gathering, 10#s of Shea butter in that purple bag from Gin ( and my goody bags (we each got so many goodies they were in two bags!) with some of the paperwork i picked up in them too. One should never travel with 10#s of unrefined shea butter in their back window in a two seater car in Florida in July. Just really really bad combination... Oh and one should not have consumed too much alcohol the night before either.

This is of my trunk. I put the three, 35# oils boxes in first with plastic garbage bags around them incase they leaked in any form. They are also turned so the spout is toward the trunk lid and not down... again, just in case of leaks. My car is not paid for yet, there is no need to ask for anything bad to happen to it, eh? around it you can see the 2# fragrance containers ( i only actually got 2# of two sale Oils from Debbie Woodruff the others are that size container but only 1# FO before you think I got totally carried away in purchasing LOL. My goody bag umbrella is over on the right side. There are also my Dead Sea products; salts, mud etc. On the left side almost not seen at all are all my extracts. There is a small deeper well area there and so there are three FO 1# containers in the well with the other things around them.

So it all fit in, including me and it took 14 trips from my room with the luggage cart to load the car Sunday morning. The maid kept asking if I was leaving LOL Kept telling her a few more trips!

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