Sunday, July 23, 2006

Final Salt Bar Swap Try

So today yet again, I tried to make salt soap. This time I changed the FO to Royal Aromatics Pink Grapefruit. i also mixed my color, FO and salt in at trace then poured my batch into my mold. Then I set it to bake in the sun for over 2 hours. I brought it in after the color change stretched its way all the way to the sides from the center. I then waited until just before 5pm to cut my soap.... this is what I have for soap...... sigh

What you see in the picture: on the far right is a slightly paler bar. this is one of two individual molds bars made. the difference is i did not attempt to swirl more color into them, just into the slab. In the center you see a small sliver of a pink translucent bit I took off of the bar I tried a small slice from. It lathers lots in very small bubbles. It has a slight hint of grapefruit so not sure if the scent will be come more intense as time passes or not.the bottom center you see the top of the bar. on the left you see one of the "holes" that presented themselves when I cut the soap. Yes, clear odorless liquid came out of there. But it has no bite to it at all. You can also see in that same bar some of the pink translucent area of the bar.

So... what did I do? Or is it just ugly and still functional? Dang, this is my 4th batch of soap for the salt bar swap. I have hardly made any soap at all so I guess I'm lucky I have some luck at it but I can't wait for it to be pretty AND smell nice AND lather. I only want three things from it. Well, four... I'd like to sell some too. Maybe I'll go make some unscented lotion... the scented kind came out well last week and now I have bottles!... have a grand and glorious day filled with the blessings of family and friends ~denise/deBRAT


  1. That's a beautiful soap! What exactly about the looks are you not pleased with? My last swirl attempt (CP method) this past failure.

  2. Hey Kelly,
    This is the one that is very moist on the outside and tastes like salt! but then i don't know what "zap" is yet so for all I know what tastes nasty to me is not salt but lye? Anyway, it is curing and I hope it comes out nicely, I need ONE batch to be nice in smell, looks AND lather and after washing feel. Don't you think I deserve that much? Thanks for the comment.~deBRAT