Sunday, September 23, 2007


A quick pic of my most recent knitting project for my friend in Alaska who I will finally get to meet in Maui in just 31 days!

this was a week ago, now it is done down to the bottom and waiting on sleeves and my edging decision. i finally ordered two skeins of donegal fingering weight superwash yarn. if it is white enough it will be a large portion of the sleeves. if not i will have to koolaid dye it and then it will be a large portion of the sleeves.

it is meant to be an oversized, very cuddly wrap. i hope it fits her as such. i just found out she is about a medium, as she says she has put on a lot of weight. and she stands only 5'2' !!! it will be down below her butt at the length I made it. and it will certainly go OVER other clothing as she is much smaller than me. it fits me perfectly as a cardigan in length and width and i'm a tight medium sweatshirt and 5'6" tall. oh well, she DOES live in Alaska, as my hubby says, it will be perfect!

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