Wednesday, December 5, 2007

RAK contest at another blogger's site

Hi all

Ruth (on a laceknitters yahoo group) posted today that she is having a RAK contest. So hop on over to her blog and leave a post with your RAK today! She is giving away some nice prizes and two others jumped on in and offered up a couple of prizes too! People can be so nice :)

now if you came from my post on Ruth's blog you saw my discretionary income. the amount is correct. Yes, I went to hawaii this year. dh had a business trip there so no flight or hotel cost for him. He had enough free mileage to purchase me a ticket (read as free) I gave up my chiropractor appointments, my massage therapist appointments, worked through every stinking lunch for months at work so I could pay for the time off and have some money to spend while there. And my birthday was 5 days before that. more incoming money. And our 22nd wedding anniversary was the day we flew back from hawaii. So no, I did not do it on the $5.67 a week I can spend how I please, but I found a way to "do" this trip-of-a-lifetime as I doubt the chance will EVER occur again! Oh, and my dear quilting friend put me up at her condo in maui and drove me absolutely everywhere on Maui so I had some me-and-my quilting friend time too!

I did not want anyone to think I was talking out of the wrong side of my mouth when I posted on the RAK contest.

So the link again is

and after yo upost your RAK to Ruth's blog, be sure to go back to the link she gives to Sheri, at The Loopy Ewe's blog to enter "her" RAK contest that inspired Ruth's.

have a grand day everyone, mine is warmer and looking up!

denise/deBRAT-jane in cool today, bound to be warmer tomorrow Tampa Bay Florida

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