Tuesday, December 11, 2007

what color is your brain?

well while reading my Bag-A-Holic yahoo group posts today, I clicked on a link to something, which took me to somewhere else and you know how the rabbit trail happens. next thing I know I'm looking at a wonderful sunrise picture! I decided to leave a comment, because a picture that beautiful certainly deserves a comment and next thing I know I'm reading portions of her blog further down... and have to find out what color is my brain.

my brain is purple by the way, same as hers was.

Your Brain is Purple
Of all the brain types, yours is the most idealistic. You tend to think wild, amazing thoughts. Your dreams and fantasies are intense.Your thoughts are creative, inventive, and without boundaries.You tend to spend a lot of time thinking of fictional people and places - or a very different life for yourself.

here is the attempt at putting the link to the quiz in here

and this is the blog I was at for the sunrise picture!
go down to wednesday, december 5th, 2007

so now i have posted again and wish i could post pics of the finished skulls cap for the exiting director at work, or the neon lime green face cloths i gave her to go with the joke skulls cap... or pics of the modular to-be-felted tote bag that is to match the Modern Quilt Wrap I made for my sister in law for Christmas this year... but alas, the laptop is at home and work does not provide me with any media slots for downloading pics. the nerve of them, not giving me a media slot!

have agrand and glorious day all,
denise/deBRAT in too dang hot for December (84 today!) Florida

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