Wednesday, January 20, 2010

lookie who is back to blogging? and crafting soon!

I have done it! i have made a new purchase for a new crafting hobby. who knew there is even a new craft left out there besides woodworking, blacksmithing and stained glass stuffs. but i found one.

see 2 weeks ago a got an email from knitting daily put out by interweave press. and while it personally rankles me that they use it so blatantly for advertising to us, i still clicked on one of those advertising emails links to ....

of course it went to the newer magazine not yet on the stands but their "plug" , which worked as you'll see, was to de stash your yarn stash. haveing just cleaned out the garage due to the woater heater breaking and needing to be replaced i certainly was well aware of the size of my yarn stash.

significantly smaller (by about 40 large large plastic sterlite tubs) but still all the same, larger than i ever intended it to get when i first started knitting again some 5 or 6 years ago.

well the plug was to weave up those odd ball yarns and leftover yarns into scarves and what better way to do that then to subscribe to the handwoven magazine they put out.

so yes, i subscribed to it for a year and got the two free things offered. if it's free its for me as my ex-husband used to say about me. but what to do with a handwoven magazine when i don't even own a loom?

why of course, start researching them! so i did! and i built a spreadsheet like i did for my spinning wheel choices back in 05 too.

and in the end i ordered from Bob at Winderwood Farms in Naples NY who is also who i ordered my gorgeous Kromski Sonata spinning wheel from too.

and now i sit and wait, albeit NOT so patiently for it to arrive. i ordered on friday with him monday was a holiday and the distributor was closed sat, sun and mon. on tuesday i begged him via email apologising for being such a pest "did it ship?"

it has not, but i'm hoping today he sends me the tracking number indicating it did ship :)

in the meantime, more research. i have read so many blogs and visited so many sites and searched for lessons etc that i am going to turn into a loom myself if i'm not careful.

oh and i ordered the Kromski 24" harp!
seen here

i got the 24" as a compromise between the 16' more to the budget constraints/thought process and the 32" wider is BETTER thougth process LOL

i did read in several places that people that got the 32" thought it too large to handle. even Bob said he'd heard it said. so, a 24" it is!

i ordered the extra 10 dent heddle and the extra set of heddle blocks so i can play with different types of weaving and a denser fabric than just 10 epi but can get 20 epi and i think i read somewhere that if i only thread one through ehre and two through there etc i can achieve 15 epi.

and i so sound like i know waht i'm talking about and yet, i surely don't.

so please, watch here for future postings of the actual loom when it arrives and the first weaving to come.

have a grand and glorious day
denise/deBRAT in tampa bay florida

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