Monday, April 19, 2010

Bargello center progress

So i've fiddled around with the fabric choices from before (purchased online so things tend to be a bit differenc once they arrive)and pulled some and inserted some and moved some into a different order and i have come up with these! ignore the socks and the charging cellphone please
the fabric all the awy to the left and the one all the way to the right are the same fabric an dthis is what they will "touch" in the wrap for the bargello strips.

instead of the original (smaller pic) on the right which i think looks like that because the flash might not have gone off?
and below, just for someone one who shall not be pointed out (?) there is a monochrome pic for value.  I really want to work in a rainbow color order and i tried to break up the layout some with some light lights and a couple of dark darks! so here is the monochrome/value pic for you Q.  oops! snickering

and here is the link to a bargello "look" I like and think I will adapt the pattern in the magazine to have these breaker bits in it as seen here

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